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Where to Pick Apples, Pears and Peaches

This time of year, it's great to get out and enjoy the weather. Apples, pears and peaches are all in season, and it's a perfect time to go out and pick your own. Here are the area's farms and orchards!

Beck's Farm

Beck's Farm

Beck's Farm offers pick-your-own peaches, so you can enjoy a throwback to the good old days you spent peach picking as a kid! Beck's provides picking baskets, and if you need two or more of them, ask for a discount! Beck's Farm is located at 7620 Anderson Road in Newton.

In addition to picking your own peaches, you can shop in Beck's fresh produce market, where they sell pre-picked fruits and veggies.

Beck's Farm has also been known to hold special events and offer live music from time to time. Check out the Beck's Farm website for further details.

Cox Farm

Cox Farm

Cox Farm is located at 6059 S. Seneca, just north of Haysville.

A family owned and operated business, Cox Farm has provided the area with fresh, in-season produce since 1926. That's 90 years of locally-grown fruits and veggies!

Pre-picked, in-season produce is available at Cox Farm, and a pumpkin patch and corn maze add a little extra fall fun!

Entz Orchard

Entz Orchard

Family-owned and operated by Doug & Elaine Entz, Entz Orchard began in 1995 with the planting of over 400 fruit trees. The you-pick orchard typically has apples and peaches available in the fall.

This season, the orchard will not offer apples or peaches, as a faulty sprayer was unable to keep the pesky bugs at bay. Though they are sad to miss out on this season, Doug and Elaine Entz are ready for a strong comeback next year!

Entz Orchard is located in Newton at 8604 S. Webb Road. Hours vary. 

Meadowlark Farm

Meadowlark Farm

The Meadowlark Farm offers pick-your-own peaches, as well as apples and a wide selection of other produce items. If you've visited local farmer's markets, you might recognize the Meadowlark Farm, as they participate in Wichita's markets often. 

Located at 11249 SW 160th, the Meadowlark Farm is technically located in Rose Hill, but it's definitely worth a little extra drive time. At the Meadowlark Farm, you can take a tractor ride out to the orchard, visit farm animals, have a picnic and more. 

Sargeant's Berry Farm

Sargeant's Berry Farm

Sargeant's Berry Farm is located at 9836 S. Hydraulic in Haysville.

This farm offers pre-picked fruits and veggies, and you can pick peaches early in the season. Farm staff recommends that you call ahead to check availability if you intend to pick.

This farm also highlights its selection of strawberries and blackberries, which are in season during the summer.

Steffen Orchard

Conway Springs is home to the Steffen Orchard, which allows guests to pick their own apples and peaches. Located at 1345 W. 90th Avenue, this orchard requires cash or check payment as their location does not allow for the use of a card reader. 

The orchard is open Thursdays through Saturdays, or by appointment on Mondays through Wednesdays. For more information, contact Steffen Orchard by phone at (620) 456-2706.


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