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What's New in Fireworks

Year after year, we buy the same fireworks. We have learned what we like, and we stick to the same-old-same-old. We know what these fireworks do, and we're satisfied. We'd rather continue in our ways than try something new without knowing what it does.

It doesn't have to be this way. Now, some fireworks retailers have videos online to show exactly what they're new products do. Check out these fireworks, new in 2016.

Boomtown Fireworks Next Big Thing

TNT Fireworks Pink Champagne on Ice

Boomtown Fireworks Spider Game

TNT Fireworks Jealous Neighbor

Boomtown Fireworks Neon Jungle

TNT Fireworks Sparknado

Boomtown Fireworks Stealing of Spotlight

TNT Fireworks Hercules

Boomtown Fireworks Old Ironsides

TNT Fireworks Magnetic Heat

Fireworks Restrictions

Please note that not all of these fireworks are legal within Wichita City limits. Only purchase fireworks in the city in which you intend to shoot them off. 


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