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What are the Tallest Buildings in Wichita?

Downtown Wichita has a lot of unique buildings. Some are old, and some are new(ish). But have you ever wondered how tall they are? Well, wonder no more. We’ve ranked the top 10 for you, starting with the largest. You might be surprised to know the two tallest buildings in the state of Kansas are on this list!

What are the Tallest Buildings in Wichita?

1. The Epic Center

Epic Center Building

The Tallest building in Kansas
301 N Main (2nd & Main)
Height: 325 feet
Floors: 22 
Completed: 1989 
Type: Offices

Have you ever looked at the distinctive, diamond-shaped roof and thought it looked like a kite? Well, that was the intention. The building was designed by Kansas architect, Sidney Smith Platt, who also designed the nearby Garvey Center. He used the kite shape to represent Wichita as the Air Capital.

The Epic Center was added to the Wichita skyline in 1989, and it has remained the tallest building in the city and the state ever since. 

Originally, the building plans called for two similar towers and a shopping center in between the buildings, but the second tower was never started. The building has more than 298,000 square feet.

If you're wondering how the Epic Center compares to other buildings, check this out:

  • Burj Khalifa in Dubai - 2,722 ft
  • 1 World Trade Center in New York - 1,776 ft
  • Willis Tower in Chicago - 1,451 ft
  • Devon Energy Center in Oklahoma City - 844 ft
  • One Kansas City Place in KC - 624 ft
  • The Washington Monument in D.C. - 555 ft
  • Bank of America Building, Topeka - 235 ft

Fun Fact: The KWCH Television tower near Burrton, Kansas, is the tallest "structure" in Kansas. Standing at about 1,500 feet, it’s even taller than the Empire State Building!


2. 250 West Douglas Place

250 West Douglas Place

250 West Douglas Place / The Garvey Center
Second-tallest building in Kansas
Just north of Douglas on N Wichita Street
Height: 262 feet
Floors: 26 
Completed: 1969 
Type: Apartments, Office, Retail, and Banquet Spaces


3. 125 N. Market

3. 125 N. Market

On North Market between Douglas & First
Formerly the SC Telcom Building and Wichita Executive Centre 
Height: 249 feet
Floors: 19 
Completed: 1962
Type: Offices


4. City Hall

Wichita City Hall

455 N Main (Central & Main)
Height: 215 feet 6 Inches
Floors: 13
Completed: 1976
Type: Government building


5. Ambassador Hotel

4. Ambassador Hotel

104 S Broadway (Broadway & Douglas)
Former Union National Bank
Height: 172 feet
Floors: 14
Completed: 1926
Type: Hotel


6. Hyatt Regency Wichita

5. Hyatt

400 W Waterman (West of Water St on Waterman)
Height: 171 feet
Floors: 17 
Completed: 1997
Type: Hotel


7. Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum

Sedgwick Historical Museum

204 S Main (Main & William)
Original 1890 City Hall
Height: 170 feet (Clock Tower)
Floors: 4
Completed: 1890
Type: Museum

8. Broadway Plaza

8. Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview

105 S. Broadway (Broadway & Douglas across from Ambassador Hotel)
Height: 157 feet
Floors: 11
Completed: 1927
Type: Mixed Use


9. Bitting Building (Oil Trade Center)

9. Bitting Building

107 N. Market (Northwest corner of Douglas & Market)
Height: 150 feet Ft
floors: 11
Completed: 1920 

Type: Mixed use 


10. Friends University Davis Administration Building

 Davis Administration Building

 2100 W University (West of Hiram & University) 
Height: 158 feet 
Floors: 7 
Completed: 1920 
Type: College



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