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Star Wars, Harry Potter Music Come to Wichita

Star Wars Orchestra

In recent years, Wichita has become quite the hub of nerd culture. With a variety of places to geek out, the current expansion of Headshots, our original video gaming bar, and more, it’s pretty plain to see that nerd culture is really thriving in our community.

Whether you're a Jedi, a Sith lord, a Potterhead, or if you’re a fan of "Superman", "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial", or "Jurassic Park", you’re in for a treat.

On April 22 at 8 p.m., The Wichita Symphony Orchestra and conductor Daniel Hege present the Music of John Williams, the man behind these incredible scores!

Williams is both and Academy and a Grammy Award-winning composer. He’s also known for his Olympic fanfares and the scores of other films such as "Saving Private Ryan", "Jaws", "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and "Schindler’s List".

Imperial March

Event Details

Are you excited yet? We certainly are. A treat for fans of music, movies or both, this thrilling performance is one that you won’t want to miss! If you’re really, really pumped, prove it! Costumes are encouraged at the performance, so break out that storm trooper, Indiana Jones or Dumbledore costume that you’ve been waiting on the chance to wear.

Whether you apparate to Century II or take the Death Star, you’ll be in for a good time. There are less than 150 seats left, though, so buy your tickets before you’ve got to use your time-turner to get them! Tickets can be purchased online and they range from $35-$80. 

Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter



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