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Sneak Peak at the New AMC: How Does it Stack Up Against Other Wichita Cinemas?

How does the new AMC compare to Wichita's

Wichita is a city accustomed to the Warren brand when it comes to movie going. Since AMC announced it was opening a Wichita location, the big question has always been: How does the new AMC stack up against the Warren?

Short answer: Pretty damn well.

Set to open this Friday, March 30th, the new AMC Theater has occupied the former Northrock 14 building.  The AMC Wichita location features a plethora of amenities from their Dolby Cinema, plush reclining chairs, a full bar, freestyle Coke machines and so much more.

Are the seats comfortable?

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Every seat in every theater is a plush recliner

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Coke Freestyle Machine

100+ different soft drink combos.

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MacGuffins Bar

A fully stocked bar with wine and beer options.


The new AMC is filled with comfortable plush reclining seats. Most seats will have their own padded armrest. There are three feet between rows and they ALL recline.

Is there ‘at-your-seat’ service?

This is one thing most have grown to love in the Warren Old Town experience. However, no, the new AMC will not deliver food directly to your seat. 

What kind of food and drink options will there be?

While you’ll have to carry it to your seat yourself, AMC offers your standard theater food items such popcorn, candy and soda in addition to items like all-beef hot dogs, chicken-and-waffle sandwiches, sliders, Bavarian pretzels, stone-fired flatbread pizzas and more.

Before you scoff at the selection, we’d like to point out the Bavarian pretzels weigh a pound and a half! So while the food will seem familiar, it's still a cut above “normal”. Also, the soft drinks are served up via Coca-Cola freestyle machines, giving you 100+ drink choices.

You can still enjoy an alcoholic beverage while you watch thanks to the MacGuffin’s (™) bar concept by AMC. Guests can enjoy items from a full bar including specialty cocktails, beer, and wine selections.


What are the projectors and sound systems like?

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Dolby Cinema Theater

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The Dolby Cinema Theater

Home to Dolby Atmos(TM) Audio and Dolby Vision() laser projection system

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Plush Powered Recliners

Powered recliners with built-in servos so you can feel the movie.

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Powered Recliner

Easy to use controls for the recliners

The AMC Northrock 14 will be home to AMC’s latest projectors and some impressive speakers. Most notably is AMC’s Dolby Cinema (™).

This Dolby Cinema experience should be pretty cool. This special theater, the largest in the building, will be home to a Dolby Vision(™) laser projection system, Dolby(™) Atmos audio, and seats that will immerse you in the experience even further by providing vibrations timed perfectly with the movie.

Ryan Noonan, director of corporate communications for AMC noted “Its’ something you have to experience at least once, I can throw out technical specifications all day but you must come in and try it”

A quick bit of research suggests that you will REALLY want to experience this. Laser projectors are said to provide richer colors, truer blacks, and an all-around sharper image. The Dolby Atmos system encases you in sound with speakers in every direction and support for up to 128 different layers of audio. 

What is the pricing like?

Pricing is right where you would expect it to be. Tickets for your regular showing will go for $10 or less with morning showings going for as little as $5. Students discounts will also be available.

For those wondering, yes, movie passes are accepted.

All tickets will be reserved seating. Your specific seat is reserved when you purchase your ticket. Tickets can be purchased either in person at a self-serve kiosk or online. Guests can even skip the paper ticket and use a code on their phone to gain access to the theater.


According to Noonan, the theater's website will be up in the next couple of days allowing eager Wichitans to purchase tickets. The very first showing will be "Ready Player One" at 11am Friday morning March 30th. 


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