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I Didn't Know They Had That! Sedgwick County Park Surprises

I’ve driven by Sedgwick County Park countless times. I knew it was there, and I never even bothered to stop. I think I just dismissed it as a big, open park with a lake, some bike paths and a swing set or two, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

It wasn’t until recently that I visited Sedgwick County Park, and even then, I only went because I wanted to find an outdoor place on the northwest side to enjoy the drive thru food I’d decided on for lunch. Upon visiting, I found that my perception of Sedgwick County Park was far wrong. This place has so much to offer! Here’s what I found:

This park spans 645 acres. Seriously. I had no idea it was even remotely close to this size. And the Bike paths that I so easily disregarded? They go on for more than four miles, with loops around different sections of the park. Shaded by a canopy of trees in many areas, the paths twist and turn throughout the park. As scenic as the views may be, however, trees aren’t the only thing to look at on your ride.

I Didn't Know They Had That! Little Known Facts About Sedgwick County Park

Memories Park

Many quirky and unique focal points sit along the path in one section in the west side of the park, known as the Memories Park. The focal points here are intended to serve as locations for photos, allowing families and friends to make memories in the park. Among them are an oversized (and I mean really oversized!) blue Adirondack chair that can easily seat several people, a hay wagon, a yellow tandem bicycle, and a vintage Chevrolet truck. These are, of course just the intentionally created photo spaces.

Ponds for Photos and Fishing

The park offers five ponds (though some look more like lakes), which means there are lots of other scenic places around the park with beautiful watery backgrounds. They’re also great for fishing, and the park has several fishing docks.

Ponds for Photos and Fishing

Sunrise Boundless Playground

Sedgwick County Park is also home to the Sunrise Boundless Playground, which highlights 27 thousand square feet of barrier free playground.  With areas to climb, spin, slide and more, this play area really is impressive. It also features a sandbox, and covered seating for parents, and that’s not even the best part! The Sunrise Boundless Playground boasts 70 percent accessibility to children, parents and grandparents regardless of physical limitations, allowing everyone a chance to play!

Sunrise Boundless Playground

Special Events

If you’re a sports fan, this park is one of the best in the area. Tennis, bocce ball, volleyball and basketball courts are available, as well as softball fields and areas designated for playing horseshoes. The park has seven open and enclosed shelters available for rent, and barbecue grills are available, too. Sedgwick County Park hosts approximately 20 special events per year, and draws over 450,000 visitors per year.

See For Yourself!

Sedgwick County Park is a hidden gem in northwest Wichita, and if you haven’t been, go. You might be surprised by what you find; I know I was. The park is located at 6501 W 21st Street. 


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