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Obscure Sports in Wichita

Wichita is home to many sports. From professional teams like the Wichita Thunder ice hockey team and the Wichita Wingnuts baseball team to college basketball at WSU and all the way down to a variety of little-league teams, there’s no shortage of athletics. In fact, Wichita is home to even more sports than many people realize. Don’t believe it? Check out these obscure sports in Wichita.



At Wichita's Diamond Archery, you don't have to be a professional. Archers of all skill levels are welcome to hone their skills on Diamond's indoor and outdoor ranges. With a 3-D range and video-simulated archery, Diamond Archery offers the technology you need to advance your craft!

If you're in need of gear, you'll find it at Diamond Archery, too. Carrying top brands like Carbon Express, Easton, Elite, Gold Tip, Hoyt, Mathews, Prime, PSE and more, Diamond Archery offers a wide variety of products and customer service that is second to none in the industry.

Cardboard Regatta

Cardboard Regatta

via allevents.com.

One of the most popular events at Wichita's annual Riverfest is the highly-competitive Cardboard Regatta.

This event allows participants a total of 90 minutes in which they must construct the best boat possible using only cardboard, duct tape, pool noodles and a box cutter.

There is no size limit restriction for teams, but one team member over the age of 12 must be able to ride in the vessel as it takes to the Arkansas River!

Each year, awards are given for the fastest time, best design, and of course, the most spectacular sinking! Learn more about Riverfest



Wichita's Foxfire Field is one of only a handful of private cricket fields in the United States. THe 10 acre plot of land was purchased in 2002 and countless hours of work went into clearing trees and preparing the pavilion's interior to finally open in September of 2006.

Wichita's very own cricket team, the Wichita Thunders play at Foxfire Fiel, as does a team from Haysville named the Heroes. 

Check out Wichita's cricket scene online



Did you know that you can learn to fence right here in Wichita? The Wichita Fencing Academy has been operating since the early 1980’s, making it the oldest fencing academy in the state. The Wichita Fencing Academy has hosted several internationally recognized fencers over the years and has even produced a few nationally-renowned fencers of its own.

Open to everyone, the Wichita Fencing Academy accepts students of all ages. Scheduling is flexible, and students can take lessons on a month-to-month basis or come in just a few times per year. The Wichita Fencing Academy strives not only to bring fencing to Wichita, but also to prove that Olympians are everywhere. Learn more.

Figure Skating

Figure Skating

The Wichita Ice Center offers figure skating lessons for all ages and skill levels. The Learn to Skate Basic Skills program begins with the very basics, so you'll even learn the correct way to fall! The program was designed in cooperation with U.S. Figure Skating, USA Hockey, and US Speed Skating to offer the best basic skating program available. The program is fun, challenging and rewarding. 

As students progress through the program, they can elect to take classes tailored to figure skating, hockey or speed skating. All of the Wichita Ice Center's programs are taught by experts who are able to coach and encourage students. More information is available n the Wichita Ice Center's website.

Human Foosball

Human Foosball

Via rantsports.com.

Another Riverfest activity, human foosball allows players to take their place on the field and operate as a full-size, living foosball team! Just as fun to watch as it is to play, the event gets pretty crowded.

Last year, it ran from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. for three days to accommodate all of the players! Located in Ackerman's Backyard, this is a Riverfest must-see (or play!) event.

Sponsored by Chilton Billiards and Spas, human foosball highlights both open-play and a tournament. Learn more.


Fairfield Polo Club

Bringing polo to the Wichita area for 86 years, the Fairfield Polo Club is one of the oldest polo clubs in America. Polo is a fun and competitive sport played on horseback.

Fairfield Polo Club is active from May through September of each year and games are played every Saturday and Sunday during this time. Spectators are more than welcome to attend games.

To get involved with the Fairfield Polo Club, take a look at the website.


Formerly a fictional sport from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, quidditch was quickly popularized in the "muggle" (non-magic) world by Potterheads (fans of the series). Though the sport involves flying on broomsticks in the books, muggles have made slight alterations to the game in order to accommodate it on land. 

The sport has taken off on college campuses, in particular, and an increasing number of schools are picking up the sport. Among them is Wichita State University, which has its very own student-led quidditch team. The sport is a little complicated, with quaffles, bludgers and a snitch to keep track of, but the WSU team has picked it up quickly. To learn more about how quidditch works, visit the website.  To keep up with the WSU quidditch team, go to the Facebook page

Roller Derby

ICT Roller Girls

Wichita has been home to its very own roller derby team for more than 10 years. Beginning in 2006, the ICT Roller Girls are over 40 strong, including skaters, coaches and volunteers.

The ICT Roller Girls All Stars represent the team in competitions while Havoc is a team of up-and-coming recreational skaters. There's also a juniors team for ages 12-17 who want to get involved. The team is always looking for new members, so if you're interested, check them out online

Skiing and Snowboarding

Ski and Snowboard

Theses sports aren't necessarily obscure in and of themselves, but they're a rare find in the Midwest.

Despite the fact that Wichita doesn't have enough snow to house a ski lodge, it still has a community of dedicated skiers and snowboarders. According to the Wichita Ski Club Facebook page, the not-for-profit organization was founded in 1959. Providing year-round sport and social activities for snow-sport enthusiasts, the group has a following of 165 people. 

To learn more about the Wichita Ski Club, visit its Facebook Page

Stand-up Paddleboard Yoga

Stand-up Paddleboard Yoga

As if regular yoga wasn't challenging enough, Riverfest ups the ante with stand-up paddleboard yoga. Offering a thrill, a challenge and potentially a new workout addiction, this event is truly unique.

This sport allows you to test your balance like never before as you try a variety of different yoga poses while trying not to fall off of your paddleboard. 

Last year, this was offered for free with a Riverfest button, but the class sizes were small, so if you're interested, keep a sharp eye out for this year's Riverfest schedule. 

Table Tennis

Table Tennis

The Wichita Table Tennis Association,(WTTA), sanctioned by United States Table Tennis, is a local club that plays at the Sunset Banquet Hall. Home to the Wichita State University Table Tennis Team, the WTTA also offers open lessons. Catering to all skill levels, the WTTA offers open play, coaching and tournaments. There's even a training robot! 

Lessons are broken down into age groups, and prices vary by group. Payments can be made per session, and memberships (with fees paid monthly) are also available. The first visit is free, so check it out! Visit the Wichita Table Tennis website for more information.


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