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Group Connects Moms New to Wichita

New Mommies, New in Town

Making new friends isn't easy, especially if you have a newborn or a new home halfway across the country from your family. Thanks to Alyssa Zorogastua, a new mom who's also new to the area, making friends just became a whole lot easier. Zorogastua has created New Mommies, New In town, a group dedicated to helping new moms or mom's new to the area connect with other moms and start making friends and share the same interests such as organic baby formula and everything that involves a new mom's struggles.

Alyssa Zorogastua came to Wichita from Roseville, California just a few weeks ago, and she immediately began looking for local moms groups where she and her six-month-old daughter could make new friends while her husband was at work. Having been surrounded by family and friends in California, Zorogastua hoped to find that kind of support in Wichita, and to be able to provide that support to other moms, as well. This is exactly why she began the group New Mommies, New in Town.

“I decided I should make a group for mommies who need the support, the friendship, the girl talk, the motivation, the socialization and interaction, etc. and be able to do activities and playdates that will work for us moms with children of the same age group,” Zorogastua said.

New Mommies, New in Town

The group’s name is intended to reflect those that make up the group, new moms, moms with newborn babies, or moms who are new to town, but all mommies are welcome to attend! The group first launched with a MeetUp page. Just a few weeks later, New Mommies, New in Town has garnered 21 members. The page gives an introduction th the group and also offers details on upcoming meetups and events.

Group Events

“I want to just do activities in public places first,” Zorogastua said. “I would like it to be safe for everyone.”

Places like Botanica, the zoo, and city parks are just a few of the locations that Zorogastua has in mind for group meetings. Because she is new to town, Zorogastua hopes to offer outings that will allow her and other mommies to explore what the city has to offer. The group will meet at affordable, local events, where moms can enjoy each other’s company while they stroll along with their babies. In addition to strolling, Zorogasta added that there will be a variety of other things for the babies to do, too.

“There will be activities young babies can do: play with bubbles, play with each other, story time, signing class, etc.,” Zorogastua said.  

More for Mommies

As for the mommies, it’s a great way to get out meet mommies with similar interests, and maybe even develop a few new interests! The group members are encouraged to share their hobbies with the other moms. The MeetUp page lists scrapbooking and walking as group interests, in addition to interests specifically related to parenting.

“I like to keep my group open to any suggestions that people have and ask what kinds of hobbies they like to do. It’s a nice way to have fun and try new things. You never know what else you might like,” Zorogastua said. 

Get Involved!

New Mommies, New in Town is free to join, but donations are welcome to help with the website fees. If you’re looking for a great opportunity for you and you baby to socialize, learn new things and have lots of fun, check out New Mommies, New in Town.  You can join the group on its MeetUp page, or you can find the group on Facebook, where Zorogastua posts regular updates.


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