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Holiday Vortex: A Look at the Upcoming Wade Hampton Art Show

Holiday Vortex

The holiday vortex is upon us...Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Years. The annual Wade Hampton holiday show!

The Wade Hate Hampton Bunny Art Show & Sale Holiday Extravaganza opens at the brand new Vortex Souvenir at 1640 E. 2nd St, Friday, December 1st, 6-9pm.

The premise is simple, says Wade: “I draw a bunny or a rabbit every day. I don’t know why. I know they’re not very good. Get off my back.” As heartfelt as it is hilarious, this exhibit is a brilliant example of variations on a theme, 300 variations to be exact. Superheroes, vampires, politics, coworkers, friends, family, (coffee); the fantastic and the usual all have a home here.

Effortlessly reflecting the world around him, Wade is something of a chameleon (*bunnyleon?). His work switches from hate, to love, to pain, to joy in the blink of an eye, often in the span of a single piece. As an artist and designer, Wade understands the importance of communication, simplicity, and empathy. He knows that through humor, complex human emotions (some very difficult to express) can suddenly feel accessible, approachable, and manageable. These bunnies are human; sometimes at our worst, but ultimately at our best.

Although the show is also open December 2nd from 10am-3pm, sales are first come, first served. If you find a work that you like (and you may find a couple), take it off the wall, buy it, and take it home. ‘Tis the season for goodwill and cheer, and the Wade Hate Hampton Bunny Art Show & Sale Holiday Extravaganza at Vortex Souvenir represents the very best of the holiday spirit.

Vortex Souvenir

Vortex Souvenir, owned by Hannah Scott and Kevin Wildt, is new to Wichita and offers curated items by independent artists. Much like Wonder Fair in Lawrence, KS, Vortex works closely with local and regional artists to provide a unique space for gifts, fine art, prints, zines, and much more. From the moment you step through the door, you are over the rainbow. Bold, colorful products greet you at every turn. An intergalactic mural sprawls the entire ceiling. There is a magical (and operational!) pinball machine. An infinity mirror awaits you in the bathroom. Unlike anything else in town, Vortex is a fresh and exciting hub for creativity in our community.


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