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Hiking In Kansas

Hiking In Kansas

When I was first planning to come to Wichita from Long Beach I happened to have met a couple from here. They described Wichita as a small town with a highway running through it and a mall on each end. If you think about it literally, I suppose I can see where they came up with that. Having lived here for a while I can tell you that Wichita and Kansas is so much more! Did you know that we have amazing places to hike!?

Loving the outdoors I was thrilled to discover that we have a hiking group called Hiking Kansas. They are made up of a group of people who share a common love for the great outdoors. Lead by Carol Farrow who took over organizing the group in the fall of 2017 she now plans a hiking trip every weekend. When I asked what made her decide to take on such a task her reply was “Nature is my zen”. Carol started hiking with the group in the spring of 2017 and when the organizer needed someone to take over it was a natural transition for her. Wanting to be more in touch with nature Carol has enjoyed organizing hikes over the past year. Each week Carol researches different places to hike that is within an hour or two hours drive from Wichita. She likes to choose different places that way it’s a new experience every week. They have traveled to places such as Dillon Nature Center in Hutchinson to as far away as The Flint Hills.

The group is made up of people with all hiking abilities from the novice to the well-experienced hiker. Who can join? Any adult can join from ages 18+ with the average hiker being 30-60. Want to know more and join this awesome group of hikers and explore Kansas? You can either find them on Facebook or Meetup.


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