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Practical Gifts for the Millennial In Your Life

Boring Gifts on Every Millennial's List

As a kid, Christmas is one of the most exciting things ever. There’s so much anticipation. Did Santa come? What presents did he bring? Did he eat the cookies I left? Just about everything is exciting and there’s no denying it.

As a young adult, however, it’s a different story. Your relatives bug you for a Christmas list, and you can’t think of a single thing you want, rather, your list is filled with things you need. Somewhere between 20 and 25 (give or take a few years), there’s a serious shift in the contents of your wish list. Now, you ask almost exclusively for the big, boring, necessary things that you couldn’t otherwise afford. I totally get it.

Whether you’re a millennial  struggling to make a wish list, or a member of a more Christmas-confident generation shopping for a young adult, check out these Christmas gift ideas that trade flashy for functional.


I know, you’re bored already, and so am I. With that said, tires are still very necessary, especially during the wintertime. To the young adult in your life, this could mean the difference between going out and staying in this winter. It’ll also save them cash that they likely don’t have to spare (because if they did, they would have bought better tires by now). Not to mention the whole new-tires-are-safer thing. Who can put a price on that?

A Mattress

This one is a little more exciting, because you’re not giving a mattress, you’re giving the gift of sleep. Sleep, if you didn’t already know, is among the top three favorite activities of almost any millennial, so definitely a gift worth giving. It’s a great (still boring, but great nonetheless) gift option because a mattress is something that everyone wants but no one wants to buy. Giving it as a gift is a total win-win.

The Whole Pick-a-Bill Thing

If you want to give a 100 percent boring but much-appreciated gift there’s this new thing that millennials have dreamed up. It’s where those who wish to give them a gift simply pick and pay one of their bills, simple as that. Now, I’m fairly certain that this started as a joke, but it isn’t a terrible idea. As the recipient of this gift, you are free of at least one financial burden. As the giver of this gift, you have the element of surprise on your side. Which bill will you pay? The gas bill? Internet? You could even make a car payment if you feel so inclined. This is the boring adult version of the what-toy-did-I-get suspense we all knew as kids.

Kitchen Appliances or Utensils of Basically Any Kind

When was the last time you were giddy about a crockpot. Probably never. When was the last time you used or wished you had a crockpot? Yesterday? Exactly. Anything that will eventually belong in a kitchen, unless it’s actual food, is pretty ‘blah’, but food is necessary for survival and pots and pans Oops. I meant microwaves. Microwaves are necessary for food.

Before you buy, be warned: these gifts will not elicit shouts of joy, hugs or promotion to favorite aunt, uncle, parent, etc. At least not immediately. In a few years, when the toys and trends have fallen to the wayside, these gifts will still be as good as gold!


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