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Dog Activities in Wichita

'Ruff' day at the office?

Grab your furry companion and unwind together!

There’s no better feeling than arriving home to the uncontrollable wag of a happy dog after a long day. No matter what stress you’re under or pressure you’re feeling, these good boys and girls want nothing more than to be close to you, and reclaim the land that the neighbor dog stole. They bring us joy, laughter, and shower us with affection. So what better way is there to show them your appreciation and brighten up both of your days than by grabbing your furry companion and being active?

Here's a list of activities for the whole gang to enjoy!

Kayaking or Hiking

On-the-Go Activities

Depending on your lifestyle and dog breed some activities may be better suited to your liking. For busy on-the-go folks and adventure junkies, there are several ways to train your companion to bring along on day trips, vacations, and backpacking expeditions. Whether you like hiking or kayaking there are several trails and lakes nearby to explore.

8 places to kayak or canoe close to Wichita

Five great hiking trails within two hours of Wichita

Dog Parks

Dog Parks

For those who just want a fun weeknight or weekend activity around town there are several options as well. There are many fun dog-friendly city parks to go checkout including Chapin/Ashley, K-9 Rooster, & Murfin Dog Parks to name a few. Then there are outdoor activities for the whole squad such as Disc Golf, jogging, and even rollerblading.

Wichita Dog Parks

Where to Play Disc Golf

Advanced Training

Advanced Training

If you're looking for particular sports or advanced training for your companion, there are several options available including long distance dock jumping, weight pulling, tracking, rally obedience, and treibbal (large ball herding).

Do some research prior to trying any of these activities with your dog. Their breed, age, size and temperament are important factors to consider.

  • Dock jumping involves the dogs sprinting down a hill and launching off a… (you guessed it) dock into the water competing for distance with the other aquatic dogs.
  • Pulling can involve carts, carriages, kids, or anything the dog is strong enough to pull without struggling.
  • Rally obedience is training that's intended to promote positive relationships between dogs and owners based on trust and respect. It's more focused on teamwork and less focused on precision than classic obedience training, making it more fun and relaxed for both parties. Here's an example of rally obedience in action!
  • Treibbal or "push ball" is a game that's great for dogs with a lot of energy who like to chase things. The dogs "herd" large inflatable exercise balls into a soccer-like net. Learn the basics here!

Treat Them

Treat Them

But after a long day of play, don’t forget to treat your tuckered out pooch to a unique local restaurant, Fetch Bistroa dog-friendly establishment recently featured on the food network with a personal visit from Gordon Ramsey!

Even running errands can be a group activity now thanks to the changing landscape of major and local businesses.

Here’s a list of dog-friendly businesses in and around Wichita!


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