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Dear Wichita Art Galleries,

In honor of St. Valentine, I’d like to take a moment to express how grateful I am for your leadership, generosity, and kindness.

All throughout the city, you are proof of an intimate, passionate, dare I say brilliant Art Community. I get excited to see you, talk with artists in person, and experience works of art. In your presence, enthusiasm and appreciation grows, friendships spark, ideas flourish, and perspectives are explored. The mind can rest. You make it clear what art is all about.

As a Gallery Assistant, I am introduced to local, national, and international enthusiasts utterly (and rightfully) delighted by the quality of art you display. Final Friday is evidence, month after month. Whether I’m cross-country or even out-of-country, your strengths are confirmed time and time again. I may be in danger of bias, but its light on opinion when it comes to Wichita’s talent.

You exhibit real artistry, craftsmanship, and humility; consistent, resounding hallmarks of a sum as great as its parts. The legendary Commerce Street Arts District reflects your rebellious and innovative spirit as it compliments your softer side. Educational institutions (CityArts, MarkArts), artist-cooperatives (Gallery XII, Fisch Haus), and community-organizers (Harvester Arts) epitomize your sincerity and compassion. You spoil me with exhibits like The Wichita Art Museum’s “Monet to Matisse: French Moderns from the Brooklyn Museum, 1850–1950” (Feb 24th-May 18th).

There is simply too much to mention in one letter.

While you aren’t perfect, nobody is. You can be moody (“If you can’t love me at my worst…”), demanding (because you care), selfless to a fault (a marvelous imperfection); but you are more than worth it. From the avant-garde to art’s greatest traditions, in you there is promise: vast, luminous skies, fields of green; tender, loving portraits; the worldly and the infinite. For all of this, I am grateful: the fellowship of artists, community, and you.


Joshua J. Tripoli


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