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Rock Climbing Offers Physical, Mental, Emotional Benefits

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Photos courtesy of Jason Cruse Photography.

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Photos courtesy of Jason Cruse Photography.

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Photos courtesy of Jason Cruse Photography.

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Photos courtesy of Jason Cruse Photography.

Bliss Bouldering and Climbing Complex brings Wichita a lot more than a fun way to get in shape. Of course, it’s a challenging and exciting approach to fitness, but did you know that this is just the first of many benefits that climbing offers? Take a look at these benefits that rock climbing and bouldering offer!

Fitness that’s Fun

Fun is almost an understatement when it comes to the thrilling climbing experience. In addition to bright colors, music and a new challenge, climbers have the opportunity to make their way up a 40 foot wall while tied into a rope to catch your fall! The experience is thrilling, and the success of completing a route is fulfilling. Conquering your fears, facing a challenge and making new friends all contribute to the fun you’ll have when you go climbing. If that’s not enough, you’ll get in shape at the same time! Climbing regularly will yield tremendous physical benefits. Climbers will notice increased core control, upper-body strength, muscle development and toning, balance, coordination and more. Climbing engages a variety of muscles, offering a total body workout. With routes graded from beginner to advanced and set by professionals, there’s always a workout suited for your skill level.

Improved Mental Strength

Climbers will engage critical thinking processes as they determine effective ways to approach new routes. When a climber regularly spends time on the wall, they will likely notice improved mental strength and acuity. The problem-solving aspect of climbing actively engages the brain in a way that, over time can help develop focus, even when applied to other tasks. Productivity can be increased through climbing, as well. Some climbers even report improvement in their memory as a result of climbing.

Development of Successful Practices for Achieving Goals

Many of these critical thinking skills can be transferred to other facets of a climber’s life, and can be particularly useful when it comes to success in achieving goals. This is because, when on the wall, climbers learn to focus on achieving specific goals, like completing a new route or reaching a challenging hold. This logical cognitive process allows climbers to be intentional in their pursuit of other things, too. Through commitment, planning, trials, errors and redirection, (also skills that are refined through climbing), climbers will be better prepared to pursue goals in other areas.

An Effective Way to Combat Depression

When you think of ways to address depression, rock climbing may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Because climbing offers benefits in areas of physical health, mental strength, social engagement and emotional activity, it is an ideal way to combat depression, which is directly affected by these four areas. Mental benefits come from the release of endorphins that occurs during strenuous climbing sessions. Problem-solving skills are engaged during a climb, as climbers work to determine the most effective ways to approach routes. This allows climbers an opportunity to shut out life’s problems and focus wholeheartedly on the task at hand.

“In effect, it offers a momentary escape from the pain of depression while also stimulating the brain, the organ affected by depression,” David Kortje, owner of Bliss Bouldering and Climbing Complex, wrote. In addition, a 2015 study by BioMed Central Psychiatry saw similar results.

A Community Within Itself

Climbers are truly a unique group. When you climb with others, you can move at your own pace and let them move at theirs while still enjoying each other's company. Climbers often learn new methods from each other and they are always good for a word of encouragement. When you have friends to cheer you on, you’ll  likely surprise yourself with what you can do. When climbers feel appreciated, confidence, concentration, and overall performance improve.

What Sets Bliss Apart

Bliss Bouldering and Climbing Complex is dedicated to promoting what are known as the three C’s: courage, confidence and community. After learning the various benefits that climbing offers, you’ll likely see how these how these concepts naturally fall into place, but it doesn’t stop there. The staff at Bliss are intentional about promoting each of the three C’s. Here’s how.

Courage: The staff at bliss will challenge you to face your fears. Whether you’re afraid of heights or intimidated by a challenging route, the team at Bliss will be there to support and encourage you every step of the way.

Confidence: At Bliss, climbers of all skill levels are welcome to come out and give it their best. As new climbers get a feel for the activity, or as skilled climbers advance to new routes, they gain confidence each step of the way. Bliss also offers training courses in areas of climbing, movement and strength, allowing climbers to become even more confident in their own abilities.

Community: Interaction with other climbers is one of the best ways to improve. It’s common to see climbers watch each other, help each other, and cheer each other on. This is part of what makes climbing so unique. Though it is a sport, climbers hope to see others succeed.

About Bliss Bouldering and Climbing Complex:

Wichita's only full-service, indoor rock climbing gym, Bliss Bouldering and Climbing Complex is the largest indoor rock climbing facility in Kansas. With more than 9,000 square feet of vertical, contemporary climbing space, Bliss highlights both indoor bouldering and indoor rock climbing. The facility highlights 38-foot top-rope and lead climbing walls, auto-belays, 15-foot bouldering walls and a training room. Cardio workouts are also available, and childcare is provided at certain times.

Open to all ages and experience levels, Bliss offers an inviting environment where visitors can get involved. Routes vary from novice to advanced, presenting a variety of challenges.


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