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Best Places For Dance Lessons in Wichita

Do you want to try your hand at dancing? Maybe you used to dance and want to get back into it? Whether you're new at dancing or an experienced dancer wanting to fine-tune their skills, Wichita has plenty of dance studios to choose from. With dance lessons ranging from all disciplines, ages and experience levels, you're sure to find the perfect place for you.

Care to Dance Studio

Care to Dance Studio Wichita

Care to Dance studio, located near Douglas and Seneca, offers some of the best dance training in the region. Whether you're new to dancing, or an expert wanting to brush up on your skills, they have personalized dance instruction tailored to your personal needs. All of their dance programs are instructed by knowledgeable and professional instructors.

At Care to Dance studio, they offer private lessons, group lessons, wedding dance lessons and choreography, plus they give their students a chance to compete across the United States. They teach many different genres including ballroom, hip hop, swing, country western and Latin.

A Step Ahead Dance Studio

A Step Ahead Dance Studio

A Step Ahead Dance Studio, located in downtown Wichita, specializes in all styles of partnership dancing including Latin, swing, ballroom and country western. They welcome dancers of all ages and experience levels. Their highly trained and qualified dance instructors start with the basics of floor play so you can be ready to dance whenever and wherever, and feel comfortable doing it. If you need a choreographed dance, the instructors at A Step Ahead Dance Studio can help with that too. Whether you are looking for a fun new way to stay active and physically fit, or to dance at a competitive level, they have an instructor to help guide you along the way.

Young World Dance Studios

Young World Dance Studios

Located near Douglas and West, Young World Dance Studio has programs for children as young as three, all the way up to adult. They teach teach all levels of expertise, from beginner to advanced. They offer combination classes, which is an introductory program designed to enhance rhythm skills, coordination, musicality and a genuine love for the art of dance. The combination class offers tap, jazz, ballet and acrobatics. They also offer preschool dance, pom-pon, clogging and hip hop, and have a competitive program for those who are interested in competing. Competitive dancers learn life skills through performance, attending workshops and auditions and working as a team.

Kansas Dance Academy

Kansas Dance Academy

Kansas Dance Academy, located near Central and Woodlawn, has been serving the Wichita area for over 25 years with top notch dance instruction. They were voted Wichita Eagle’s “Best Dance Studio” in both 2016 and 2017. Their knowledgeable staff and great children’s programs have made KDA one of the most respected studios in Wichita. They offer classes in ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, hip hop and contemporary for dancers ages three and up, and for any experience level. Each year, KDA dancers participate in an annual performance which gets bigger each year. They have created their own renditions of Beauty and the Beast, Wizard of OZ, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Little Mermaid, The Lion King and more.

Wichita School of Performing Arts

Wichita School of Performing

Opened in 1991, Wichita School of Performing Arts director's vision has been one of a positive, rewarding approach to dance instruction. One of the main objectives for WSPA is to expose dancers to the larger world of performing arts through guest artists and community performances.

WSPA offers lessons for dancers of any experience level. They offer a wide range of classes such as ballet, pointe, modern, tap, jazz and hip hop, plus fitness classes such as Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, Yamuna, Pilates and Fascial Fitness. Lori, the owner of WSPA, works as a movement educator to assist clients in developing a greater awareness in their bodies. Through the use of Pilates and FIT students will learn to be better connected to their body and before long are re-patterning old deviations into new healthier pathways.

Wichita Children's Theatre & Dance Center

Wichita Children's Theatre

For more than 40 years, the Wichita Children's Theatre & Dance Center has been a staple of the Wichita arts community. A non-profit theatre and dance school, its mission is to provide arts opportunities to people of all ages and backgrounds in Wichita and surrounding areas.

The Wichita Children's Theatre & Dance Center proudly offers ballet, tap, jazz and modern dance classes to children ages two and older. Now with satellite schools at Marks Arts in east Wichita and in downtown El Dorado, the Wichita Children's Theatre & Dance Center is proud to enhance the cultural life of south-central Kansas by providing the highest quality performing arts education to its youth.


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