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Best Hangover Cures

Best Hangover Cures

College basketball’s biggest spectacle is coming to Intrust Bank Arena, and Wichitans are ready to greet thousands of guests to our wonderful city.

For some partygoers, the madness of March might also mean the managing of a migraine. Or at least what feels like one.

So as we lift a glass, or three, of libation at one of Wichita’s popular watering holes and cheer on our alma mater or celebrate this year’s underdog story, we might find ourselves waking up (or coming to, as the case may be) to that age-old consequence - the hangover.

First, it’s important to get one thing out of the way, and this might be a sobering moment (you had to know that was coming), but as some of you may know, there is no “cure” for a hangover!

That’s right, there’s no magic pill, no shot, not even any preemptive medication or treatment to alleviate the incessant, head-pounding, nauseating, do-anything-to-make-it-stop pit of misery you’ve fallen into.

But cheer up sports fans, there are a few remedies that can lessen the pain and throbbing. And if you’re visiting Wichita, then you’ll also get a few more ideas on things to do while you’re in Doo Dah.

Hangover Cure #1: Getting Back What You Gave Away

In simple terms, after a hefty night of hefting your favorite mug time and again, your body became considerably dehydrated. But you didn’t lose just water, you lost a precious commodity called electrolytes.

These, along with sodium and potassium, went by the wayside over the course of last evening’s events. So replenish not just with your preferred decaffeinated drink, but with Gatorade, or better yet Pedialyte, which offers far more electrolytes and far fewer carbohydrates. Yes, it costs more, but money wasn’t an object last night, so it shouldn’t get in your way this morning - or afternoon as the case may be.

Better yet, keep coconut water handy. With 5 different types of electrolytes1, coconut water can go a long way to helping your hangover in a short amount of time.

Hangover Cure #2: Fresh Air & (yes) Exercise

After surviving the tsunami of nausea this suggestion first brought on, consider getting outside and moving around. Cure? No. Distraction from the pain and suffering? Yes. And more cause to hydrate, which can’t be underemphasized.

Lessen the cranial cacophony and hoops hangover. And if you’re visiting Wichita for the basketball tournament, rent your ride at Bike Share ICT and see downtown Wichita from the pedal point of view!

Hangover Cure #3: The Greasy Meal

Maybe one of the best known - and most questioned - hangover remedies is greasy food the morning after. The world of medicine claims this has no impact, and may even make things worse by aggravating an already upset stomach. But that doesn’t seem to stop us from bellying up to the breakfast buffet.

Eating heavy or greasy foods to cure a hangover is going to be a personal thing. So you might as well see how your body reacts to The Hangover Cure at The Anchor.

Hangover Cure #4: The Hair of the Dog

OK, let’s start right out by saying this is not a good idea. At best, consuming alcohol while you’re still hung over is simply delaying the inevitable. At worst, this could lead to severe long-term health issues that could be a blog series unto itself.

That said, given moderation, there’s a select group of Bloody Mary’s from Wichita bars and restaurants that we’ve exhaustively researched (time and again, I might add), and we encourage you to check out at least one during the tournament, most of which are within 10 minutes or so of Intrust Bank Arena.

Hangover Cure #5: Abstinence (with Moderation a close 2nd)

We know, this isn’t a cure for a hangover, but more how to prevent a hangover. But it’s worth noting that Moderation of alcohol intake will minimize or alleviate hangover symptoms. Yes, it’s hard to hold off on the Heineken when the high 5’s are flyin’. But an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure when it comes to curing, or better yet avoiding, hangovers.

And last but not least, the one true hangover cure?

That’s right, time is the only proven method to remove a hangover. Not that there aren’t some helpful home remedies that you should explore. Just know that it took all night to get to this point, and it might take all day to get past it.

Now that you’re armed with some anti-hangover ammo, enjoy visiting Wichita, and take in some college basketball.



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