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Are You Too Excited for Christmas? 12 Signs You Might Be

This time of year, every year, there seems to be a tremendous debate everywhere you go. Either it's way too early for Christmas music, or it's not nearly early enough. If you’re anything like me, Buddy the elf or Santa himself, you spend 364 days a year waiting for Christmas, and it can never come too soon. Here are 12 signs that you might be a Christmas enthusiast, too.

You can never sleep on Christmas Eve.

The anticipation is killing you. It's not that you want to get presents (although that is a plus), you're just so excited to watch people open the gifts you got for them. 

Buddy the elf

Elf © 2003 New Line Cinema, Guy Walks into a Bar Productions, Gold/Miller Productions, Mosaic Media Group, Shawn Danielle Productions Ltd.

You are always ready for Christmas music.

...And you count on B98 FM to deliver it. Christmas in July is the highlight of your summer, and  when you heard that the public gets to vote on when B98’s Christmas music starts, you responded with “We Need a Little Christmas Right This Very Minute.”

Jingle Bells

You make your plans around ABC Family’s 25 days of Christmas

..And your goal is to watch all of them. A Christmas story, White Christmas, Rudolph, bring it on. You have waited so long for these movies and you're ready to enjoy them.

Christmas Story

A Christmas Story © 1983 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), Christmas Tree Films

You've mastered the art of gift wrapping.

Gift wrapping isn't a chore, it's an art. Everyone knows which presents are from you simply because they are wrapped so perfectly.

Christmas gift

Ugly sweaters aren't ugly.

While the primary function of ugly Christmas sweaters is to be ugly, to you they are beautiful because ugly sweaters = Christmas.


You buy a giant tin of popcorn every year, and then don’t even eat it.

Who ever thought cheese flavored popcorn was a good idea, anyway? But the tins have Santa and reindeer on them, and it’s almost Christmas, so you HAVE to have one! The ultimate dilemma is deciding which one. 

Popcorn tins

You decorate cookies and/or gingerbread houses.

...And you take it entirely too seriously. If your gingerbread man isn't the best around, its time to decorate another. 

gingerbread house

You have multiple advent calendars.

And you can't wait to open them because some of them are filled with chocolate. 

Advent Calendars

You can, and do, quote "Elf" in your everyday life.


Elf © 2003 New Line Cinema, Guy Walks into a Bar Productions, Gold/Miller Productions, Mosaic Media Group, Shawn Danielle Productions Ltd.

You have to go out to see Christmas lights at least once a year.

This is non-negotiable. Christmas lights touring is a must, and it's even better if you do it on Christmas Eve. 

Lights on David Street

Lights on David Street in west Wichita.

Each ornament on your tree is strategically placed.

You love Christmas decorations, so when it comes time to do your own decorating, you're prepared. Your tree (and likely the rest of your home) is decorated perfectly.

Christmas Tree

You can't contain your excitement when stores first put up Christmas decorations.

Christmas DEcorations

What other signs do you know of?

Let us know in the comments!

Ashley Aulbach


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