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A Love Letter to Wichita

A Love Letter to Wichita

Dear Wichita,

I can remember the exact time that I fell for you.

I was driving down Douglas, listening to some obscure track on “Strange Currency” on KMUW. It made for a great soundtrack for the warm summer night. I was headed to The Donut Whole to check out a local jazz quartet but at the moment I just wanted to cruise these streets, which were new to me, and take in the sights.

I had come from a town where the residents seemed to detest the very place they lived. That’s why you blew my mind. I was astounded at the civic pride. Everywhere I looked there were signs of it. The Wichita Flag flew proudly and appeared on murals all over town. This town seemed to be bulging with art, it enveloped alleyways and sides of buildings, adding color and character to what would otherwise be drab city streets. The fact that Final Friday was a city-wide celebration of arts and the people who make it, gave me a warm feeling inside.

I was also astounded at your people. I had moved halfway across the country and had no idea what to expect. What I found was a community of people who didn’t know me but all welcomed me just the same. People here seem to understand that for one of us to succeed, we must all succeed. That compassion and warmth helped me feel accepted by this community and I have made truly great friends here.

As I rode around on that warm summer night, I saw local businesses bustling with activity and packed with people enjoying themselves. I’m amazed at the local restaurants and other businesses in this town. The entrepreneurial spirit is strong here and businesses like Beautiful Day Cafe, Uno Mas, Tanya’s Soup Kitchen, The Artichoke Sandwich Bar, The Nifty Nuthouse, The Spice Merchant, Noble House and more make me proud to call you my home. 

Lastly, your natural beauty is unbelievable. The river area along with the majestic Keeper of the Plains overlooking the city is breathtaking. The Great Plains Nature Center with all of its trails, the multitude of parks, all show that this city takes its green space seriously and your wide open sky makes for some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.

Yeah, I remember riding around town that night, the warm summer air blowing in my open window, the beats flowing from my radio and saying “Yeah, I’m falling pretty hard for this town.” So here’s to you Wichita, you stole my heart and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I can’t wait to see the future brings!

With Love,

Ryan McGinnis


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