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10 Unique Proposal Ideas

10 Unique Proposal Ideas

Mi Amore, Mahal Ko, My Love. They say that February is for lovers and rightfully so. It is expected that nearly 7 million people will get engaged on Valentine's Day. Today, most people are looking for a uniquely creative way to propose.

Thinking about my own proposal, it was quite romantic and unique. The hubs and I met at Dillon's (yes, this actually happened to me!). Both being vegetarian, I was at the natural foods section of Dillon's when this tall, dark-haired stranger came my way and started talking to me. Fast forward a year, of dating, and we are at the same Dillon's when suddenly he gets down on one knee, in the same aisle, and asks me to marry him. Needless to say, it brought me to tears as I said yes.

If you are planning to pop the question on Valentine's Day or just looking for a unique way to propose, I’ve done some research for you!

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved” - George Sand

10. Propose with a photo album

If you two keep a photo album, scrapbook, or smash book you can add a page with a photo of you holding a sign saying “marry me”. To make it a bit more breathtaking you can add several pages and as you two flip through the book reminiscing of the times you have spent together you come across several pages of you holding signs spelling out “will... you... marry... me”. Be sure to have a few blank pages for those selfies you two take of the engagement!

9. Propose at the movies

Go to the movies. There are usually advertisements playing before the previews and yes, you can buy ad space on there. Imagine this, as you two are sitting cozily in your seats waiting for the movie to start suddenly a familiar face is on the big screen asking your special someone to marry you.

8. Propose with art

Use an art piece as a creative way to pop the question. If you are artistic you can illustrate yourself proposing and give that piece as a gift. If your loved one has a daily online routine you can always put a digital rendering online. What a surprise as they browse online to find an illustration of you proposing to them. Not an artist? You can always have it commissioned. What an amazing keepsake you will have after.

7. Propose with the "Love" sculpture

Go on a sculpture tour at WSU and when you get to the “Love” sculpture stop to propose. You can get friends and family involved by asking them to set up the scene with flowers and candles for a romantic touch. Ask them to stay and photograph the moment for you or you can hire a photographer.

6. Glow-in-the-dark proposal

It was written in the stars. Spell out “marry me” in glow in the dark stars and attach them to the ceiling in the bedroom. After a romantic evening out, you can go back to continue the evening with a star-filled night.

5. Propose with a web page

Create a webpage that is dedicated to the love that you two share. As your loved one browses through the web pages imagine their surprise when they come across your proposal page. You can have a proposal video embedded and as they get to the end of the video you can be standing there with the ring. Afterwards, you two can share the link on your social media pages.

4. Propose while cooking

If you two love cooking together you can plan a night where you make a special dish from a new recipe that you found. That night have ingredients laid out on the counter and hand them the new recipe to look at. The recipe can be for a wedding cake.

3. Propose with a card game

The cards can see all as you have a special deck of cards printed. You two can sit down to play a mean round of cards and after you deal the deck they just so happen to get the cards showing you holding the ring.

2. Propose during a nature walk

You know all those inspirational rocks that we find around town? Paint a rock with the words “marry me” on it and place the rock where you like to go for an evening stroll. As you two are on your walk you can go rock hunting. When you get to your rock have your loved one be the one to see what it says and as they turn around they find you on one knee.

1. Propose by recreating a special moment

This is my favorite and for obvious reasons. Plan a trip to where you two met and re-enact the moment you two met. Have a sweet ending as you finish the trip with your proposal.


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