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10 Reasons to Go to Tallgrass Film Festival

You Don’t Have to be a Film Buff to Attend

There seems to be a little bit of a misconception here. Yes, Tallgrass is an independent film festival, but it isn’t by any means exclusive. Everyone’s invited!

“You don’t have to be a film buff or an obsessive movie fan to come to Tallgrass! It’s just like going to the movies at the multiplex, except it’s a celebration of independent filmmaking that takes place around downtown with films from all over the world,” said Lela Meadow-Conner, Executive Director of the Tallgrass Film Festival.

It’s More Than Movies

in addition to screenings of independent films from around the world, The Tallgrass Film Festival features a variety of other events, including galas, afterparties, Q&A sessions with filmmakers and more. So whether you love films, parties, or cultural experiences, Tallgrass is a great place to be!

Educational Events

In addition to these activities, the festival highlights a lot of educational opportunities. “If you are at all interested in filmmaking, there are lots of educational opportunities - all including industry professionals - that are free and open to anyone, all levels of skill and knowledge,” Lela Meadow-Conner said. Events like these that make Tallgrass a great place for students, aspiring filmmakers, and more.

It’s International

The Tallgrass Film Festival features local and international films. Highlighting the work of directors from Wichita and all over the world, the festival proudly presents 194 films from 33 countries this year. The 2016 Tallgrass Film Festival lineup represents films from the U.S., France, Belgium, Canada, New Zealand, Poland, China, Sweden, Iran, Estonia, Germany, Japan, Spain, UK, Venezuela and many more.

It Brings Celebrities to Wichita

That’s right! The Tallgrass Film Festival draws celebrities right here to ICT to join in on the festivities! This year, Tallgrass features a 20th-anniversary screening of “Welcome to the Dollhouse”, which will be attended by Heather Matarazzo who stars as Dawn Wiener in the film. Matarazzo is also known for her portrayal of Lilly Moscovits in “The Princess Diaries”. “Glee” fans are also in luck, as Heather Morris who plays Brittany S. Pierce on the show will also attend the festival.

It's a Great Bargain

At the Tallgrass Film Festival, you get a lot of bang for your buck. With general admission priced at $10, gala films (plus after party!) at $25, binge passes at $50, and Tallpasses at $220, you can visit the festival no matter your budget. The price of a Tallpass breaks down to about $1.13 per film if you attend them all, and that doesn’t even include the other events.

You Can Catch Some Free Events

If you thought Tallgrass was a great deal before, you’re in for a treat! All screenings held at the Great Plains Nature Center and the Wichita Public Library (downtown) on Friday, Oct. 14 are free and open to the Public.  That’s seven films, screening right here in Wichita, totally How cool is that?

There's Something For everyone

The festival highlights categories for narrative, documentary, and short films, and the range of topics covered within each very, very wide.

“There are films for every interest,” Meadow-Conner said.  “Basketball fans should check out The Rush Brothers, and foodies should check out Insatiable and Sour Grapes.”

You Can Test the Waters

Though Tallgrass presents nearly 200 films this year, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed. The passes are set up to accommodate both first-time guests and seasoned attendees.

“You can see one, or you can see them all,” Meadow-Conner said.

If you’ve never been, a general admission ticket or a binge pass is a great way to get a feel for the festival!

Last But Not Least, Go Because You’re an ICT Believer

“It’s also a great community event that really showcases the best of Wichita - our venues, cultural attractions, restaurants, local businesses and the greatest asset - our people,” Meadow-Conner said.

At 360Wichita.com, we’re ICT Believers. That means that we believe in our city. This is why we support great local events like the Tallgrass Film Festival.


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