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Wichita’s Best Photo Spots

Whether you live in Wichita or just visiting, it’s always an interesting challenge to see what kind of photos you can come up with around town. To spark your imagination we have come up with a tried-and-true guide for any aspiring photographer. Grab your camera (or phone) and go for a photo walk.

Keeper of the Plains Ring of Fire

Keeper of the Plains Ring of F

Image Courtesy @susankendall Instagram

Any visitor to Wichita has to stop by and see the largest sculpture in Wichita. The 44-foot tall steel Indian sculpture stands at the point where the Big and Little Arkansas rivers meet near downtown. Come in the evening for a dramatic view of the bridge and the “Ring of Fire” that burns daily for 15 minutes at 9 pm (summer) and 7 pm (winter). This is a staple in any Wichita photographer’s collection.

Bradley Fair Water Fountain

Bradley Fair Water Fountain

Located between Newport Grill and Healing Waters is a beautiful walkway that leads to a large water fountain, colorful tile work, a lake and seating area. During prom season, this location has a constant stream of couples lining up for a great shot.

Gallery Alley Spider

Gallery Alley Spider

Image Courtesy @arichandler Instagram

Wondering where all the photos of a giant spider climbing a brick wall came from? This is the spot. This urban park opened Spring 2017 and hosts Final Friday exhibits, concerts and movie screenings. Although, we’d suggest staying away if you’re arachnophobic.

Shakespeare Mural

Shakespeare Mural

Image Courtesy @dreams0in0blue Instagram

Located downtown on 201 N. Mead and just east of the railroad overpass is a full wall of 99 words and phrases coined by Shakespeare. The typographical orange, blue, red and green mural will add a pop of color to any Instagram feed.

The Donut Whole

The Donut Whole

Everyone loves an over the top decorated donut photo. Pick from their stacks of rainbow colored treats, take a seat and start snapping photos. Who knows, you may be Wichita’s next foodie photographer.

The Shimmering Wall at Exploration Place

The Shimmering Wall at Explora

Step into the aviation room at Exploration Place and you’ll see a 40-foot tall wall of shimmering metal discs. Aim a real airplane propeller at the wall to create interesting wind patterns. This is the perfect background for a selfie.

Chihuly Glass at Wichita Art Museum

Chihuly Glass at Wichita Art M

Image Courtesy @urbanprarieroots Instagram

Walk under or stand on top a glass sculpture by the famous Chihuly glass artist. This could be one of Wichita’s most popular #fromwhereIstand shots.

Old Town

Old Town

The streets, alleyways, and historic buildings make Old Town the perfect backdrop or subject for any photo shoot. Get an urban industrial look along the streets or ascend to the top of the Old Town Parking Garages for some great cityscape shots.

Union Station

Union Station

The old railroad terminal building itself may not be open for visitors but you can explore the passenger loading area behind it. Stand under the awning and take in the downtown city views as if you were waiting for a train to pick you up. The railroad is still active so don’t get too close!

Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport

Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower N

The new Wichita airport has become the backdrop for many pre-vacation photos, welcome home crowds, goodbye hugs and honor flight events. These are big life events that need to be documented.

Sunflowers at Chisholm Creek Park

Sunflowers at Chisholm Creek P

Sometimes during the month of September, wild sunflowers will grow in the fields of Chisholm Creek Park. Stand among the towering seven-foot tall flowers for the quintessential Kansas photo.


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