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What to Know Before You Plan Your Destination Wedding

What to Know Before You Plan Your Destination Wedding

Planning for a destination wedding can bring a new level of planning that isn't associated with planning a local wedding. Choosing a perfect wedding destination for your big day can make the whole wedding planning process more magical for everyone involved. 

We look at what is involved in planning a destination wedding and you'll quickly see why many couples opt for destination wedding planning services and coordination to help them nail their important day.


Your destination wedding location can really add something special to your wedding plans. Choose a special location for both parties to really make sure your destination wedding locations are more memorable for all the right reasons.

Guest List

As soon as you decide on your destination wedding, put together your guest list, so you know exactly how many guests will be attending. Knowing as soon as possible what type of guest accommodation you will need, such as a room block for the whole party, ensures everyone can be located in the same place. Send out save the dates invites to allow your guests to make the appropriate arrangements to travel with you for your special day.

Wedding Package

Once you know more about your wedding party's size, you can look at the wedding packages offered by vendors. Consider the following options carefully to tailor your wedding plans to suit your ideals fully;

  • The duration of your stay.
  • What local vendors you will need to hire
  • what additions to your day you would like, such as a sit-down meal, rehearsal dinner, or wedding breakfast
  • The exact day and time of your wedding, for example, on the beach at sunrise/sunset
  • What extra you need to make your special day perfect, such as decorations, seating arrangements, private location, and more.

You need to consult the services of a destination wedding planner to help arrange all the specific details for your trip for you at the location.

Research Marriage Requirements

In most cases, booking a wedding package with a popular wedding destination will take care of your marriage's legalities to make sure you have legal rights to marry in the location of your choice. It is always worth checking with the vendor or your wedding planner to ensure this has been taken care of before you arrive for your wedding.

Visit in Advance

Even if it is just for a quick weekend visit, being able to check out your wedding location at the destination of your choice will allow you to visualize everything easier and plan for your big day. It will also give you peace of mind that you have chosen the right destination for your wedding.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Allow for extra time for plans to run on 'local time,' meaning that the destination will organize your wedding on their time, not necessarily the same time as you. Don't forget, if this is a popular wedding destination, they will have other weddings to plan, and they will be experienced in the service they offer.

Consider paying for wedding insurance to cover you against anything unexpected or problems that arise at your wedding destination. Allow plenty of time to arrive, prepare yourself before the big day, and avoid rushing and additional stress.


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