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Steps to Take Once You Have Decided to Call Off the Wedding

Steps to Take Once You Have Decided to Call Off the Wedding

The good thing about being engaged is you have the chance to get to know your future spouse better. It's a window where you will understand each other more profoundly than you used to. However, it's also possible that this window made you see the true color of the person you've been with. As such, you might decide to call off the wedding. If you believe that it's the right step, do not hesitate to do it. You can't tie the knot with someone you won't be happy with. Here are the steps to take after deciding to call off the wedding. 

Sell your engagement ring

The engagement ring given to you by your former partner is already yours. You have the choice to return or keep it. If the relationship ended and it wasn't your fault, don't return the ring. Instead, sell it. You can find places where it's easy to sell one, such as gemesti.com. You won't even have to go through several hoops to get it done, and you can sell the engagement ring instantly. 

Give yourself time to breathe

It must be a roller coaster of emotions. You don't know what went wrong, but you believe there's no point in pursuing the relationship. You feel guilty because it didn't work out. You also feel enraged because you thought it would end in a successful marriage. Remember that it's a process, and no one should force you to move unless you're ready. Give yourself a break. Stay away from everything that bothers you until you start to feel good again. There's no need to rush back into the dating world. You will eventually find the perfect match. 

Reflect on your relationship

Just because the engagement didn’t work doesn’t mean you wasted your time. You can still learn from what happened and ensure that you won’t make these mistakes again. Try to reflect on the relationship and determine how you can grow and be a better partner. Even if you didn’t cause the breakup, you still have to evaluate your role in the partnership. 

Talk to the people you love

If you want to be alone for a while, it's your choice, and people should respect your privacy. Again, everyone deals with heartaches differently. However, there's nothing wrong with trying to talk to the people you love. They're willing to listen to you. Take your time to be alone and when you're ready, message the person you trust the most. It can be a family member or your circle of friends. Express your genuine emotions, and don't be afraid to let it all out. 

Don't blame yourself because the relationship didn't work. Don't close your doors, either. You will eventually find the person who would be perfect for you. But, again, never rush the process. Healing also takes time, and you can't put an arbitrary timeline because you have other things to deal with. When you're ready to move forward, you will know. You will soon get there.


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