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Reasons Why You Keep Saying You’re Not the Marrying Type

Reasons Why You Keep Saying You’re Not the Marrying Type

You don’t settle down yet because you keep thinking you’re not the marrying type. You have all sorts of excuses and decide against giving it a try. The truth is that you're capable of tying the knot, and you just don't realize it yet. Here are common excuses you might keep saying. 

You don’t like to commit

Commitment is such a profound term, and many people get scared by the thought of it. No one can blame you for feeling that way. It’s not easy to commit yourself to someone and change your life forever. Even your regular schedule changes because you have to consider someone else. It’s even more challenging as you decide to start having a family. You’re still the marrying type, but you’re just scared of commitments. If you can get over it, you can give it a shot. 

You are yet to find the right one

Some men already have the perfect engagement ring in mind. The problem is they don’t have someone to give it to. If you eventually find the person who matches the qualities you like, you will change your mind. Sometimes, it only takes the right one to change your perspectives in life. You might even commit to changing your lifestyle because you want to be the perfect person for someone else. If you have already found that perfect someone, consider getting the finest engagement ring from the best jewelers in Wichita if you live in the area.

Your partner doesn’t pressure you 

You might think that there's nothing wrong with delaying the proposal since your partner isn't pressuring you yet. The truth is that most women will wait until asked. However, the initiative must come from you. While they're patient enough to wait until you're ready, they won't wait forever. At some point, they will walk away from the relationship. If someone else can give them the kind of life they want to have, these women will make a painful choice. 

You’re happy with your life now

Just because you're happy with your life now doesn't mean it can't get better. Marriage might seem negative because of what you hear from others, but it's not. There are joyful moments when you get married, and you can't compare them with anything else. You won’t know for now, but you will realize it later once you already tied the knot. Besides, whatever you have now will get boring at some point. Taking it to the next level will give you the kind of happiness you don’t think you ever had before. 

Given these reasons, it's time to rethink your ideas. You can still give marriage a shot and see where it goes. It starts by finding the right person and eventually popping the question. Take the courage to do it and see if it's what you want. Even if the marriage gets rocky at first, it's not a reason to give up. On the contrary, you will learn from the experience and be better at handling the relationship. Every couple gets through tough challenges, and it's natural. The best part is also you become a better person in the process.


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