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Love Nuggets part 5: Be audacious and brave

Love Nuggets part 5:

Below is the fifth and final part in our series of "Love Nuggets" - Curated by Suzana Mathews, The Date Maven.

5. Be audacious and brave.

Whether it’s in building a business or hunting for a job or rising to the challenges of parenting or playing the dating game . . . fortune favors the brave. Love favors the brave. Progress favors the brave.

I’ll challenge the single men and women I’m working with by asking: Do you have the audacity to engage in your life and in the world around you in new ways? To go new places, do new things, and meet new people?

Once you meet someone wonderful, do you have the audacity to love – with maximum vulnerability? Dating and “relationshipping” these days is often not for the faint of heart.

It takes a solid sense of faith in self to be able to say This is Who I Am, and This is What I Want!

Notice how none of the things I learned relied on how someone else was  acting or feeling or thinking?

That is a darn good thing, because we all know we can’t change the world, we can’t change how other people are, but we can change our beliefs and reactions to them.

Since learning these things – and having the opportunity to share them with my friends and clients – I’ve noticed a pretty awesome frame that sort of built itself in my life: I begin and end each day with gratitude and love;

The sense of ease and freedom is indescribable.

I don’t have peace because I haven’t said or done bad, hurtful, contemptible things. I have peace because I have forgiven myself for them and I have forgiven others for their participation in triggering me and for not knowing the same things or being at the same stage in their journey.

Think about these love nuggets. Get in touch with who you are and what you want. And if you need a little support in your search for better connections and better relationships, reach out and introduce yourself: suzanna@thedatemaven.com

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About Suzanna Mathews

Suzanna is one of North America's leading trainers in interpersonal communication and social strategy — for cultivating business, friendship, or romance. A published writer and frequent radio, TV, and podcast guest, she is best known for founding The Date Maven, LLC, a boutique date coaching and matchmaking consultancy serving professional singles across the country. Businesses also seek out Suzanna to serve as a spokesperson and micro-influencer. 

You can learn more about her at www.suzannamathews.com


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