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Jewelry Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

Jewelry Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

There's a trend each year that fashion lovers look forward to, including the types of jewelry that will be hot for the coming year. So, if you are a fashionista or simply love jewelry, you probably want to be one of the first to know the predictions on which jewelry pieces will be popular this 2022. Well, we got that information covered so that you can have the first dibs on the jewelry trend next year.

Nameplate and letter necklace

A nameplate necklace or one that has your name as the pendant is not something new, and so is the letter pendant that usually corresponds to the first letter of the holder's name. Both have been popular in the past years, and their sales remained strong this year. There's no sign of the trend slowing down, so you can look forward to seeing more of it next year. If you don't have one yet, consider getting one, as it's something that will not go out of style anytime soon. 

Multi-chain necklace

The saying the more, the merrier doesn't just apply to people, but to necklaces too. So keep the simple and subtle necklaces in your jewelry box, and get those multi-chain necklaces out. It's time to go bolder this 2022. This type of necklace will make your overall ensemble more exciting and interesting. Since this piece is enough to attract attention, it's okay to tone down the other components. 

Huge stones on rings

It seems that the coming year is all about being out and loud. The delicate rings are out, and huge stones are in. There are various options to choose from, including the tree of life rings with giant crystals and a design that looks like the tree is hugging the gems. It also has that mystical and unique look that is sure to be a conversation starter. The ring moreover symbolizes promising futures and new beginnings, making it perfect for starting a new year. 

Chunky pendants

Rings are not the only ones that will be big, but pendants will be more popular too. You can choose from various designs and materials of pendants and make them the focal point of your entire ensemble. Although big jewelry will be a trend, consider your overall look as well. Wearing too many bulky pieces at once may not be pleasing to the eyes. 

Signet rings

Wealthy men often wore signet rings as a sign of their status. These rings have raised or engraved letters or symbols that represent something about the person wearing it. You don't have to be a billionaire to wear a signet. Since it's becoming a trend, it looks like it will become bigger and more accessible next year. 

Zodiac signs

People love to wear jewelry pieces that have personal meanings. It will continue for the years to come. Zodiac sign pendants will be a hit in 2022. Their sizes vary, so you can get a small or large one, depending on your preferences. Since more oversized pendants will also be hot, go for the latter. 

Don’t be left out with these new trends, and start collecting the pieces that will be popular in 2022. Begin the new year with style.


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