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Is Weed Legal in Kansas? Everything You Need to Know

Is Weed Legal in Kansas? Everything You Need to Know

Do Kansas weed laws allow you to grow, buy, sell, or possess cannabis?

If any of these activities have crossed your mind, you need to learn more about the plant’s legality in the Sunflower State. Otherwise, you could end up with fines or time behind bars.

If cultivation is allowed, you may want to find out where to buy hybrid weed seeds for the best yields and quality. You can legally hold on to these souvenirs while you wait for the legislation to change if growing marijuana isn’t permitted.

So, what do the Kansas cannabis laws say?

Let’s find out.

Weed Legislation History 

Is marijuana legal in Kansas City?

The state criminalized cannabis in 1927 and hasn’t changed its stance since then. It’s one of the strictest American jurisdictions on matters surrounding weed.

In April 2018, Gov. Jeff Colyer signed Senate Bill 263, also referred to as the Alternative Crop Research Act. In collaboration with public universities, it instructed the Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA) to launch research into the plant.

The aim was to determine the viability of industrial hemp with 0.3% THC or less.

In May 2018, Kansas passed SB 282, which exempted cannabidiol from the legal definition of marijuana. The law also allowed residents access to CBD products with 0% THC content.

In 2019, Gov. Laura Kelly signed Claire and Lola’s Law. The legislation offered patients, parents, and guardians an affirmative defense for possessing or using CBD oil with less than 5% THC content.

However, individuals can still be arrested and charged with possession, as the defense is only presented at trial. They’re also required to have a letter from a licensed state doctor.

It should affirm the patient’s debilitating medical condition and state why cannabis may help. The letter should be dated within the last 15 months and contain the doctor’s letterhead.

The Kansas marijuana laws don’t allow recreational or medicinal consumption, but the state approved a new medical cannabis bill in 2021. It now waits for the Senate’s decision.

If it passes, residents could enjoy access to medical marijuana in 2022. Currently, the closest you can get is CBD oil without a trace of THC.

Growing Marijuana in Kansas

Do the laws in the Sunflower State allow you to cultivate cannabis in your garden?

Growing weed is unlawful in Kansas. Cultivation refers to five or more cannabis plants. If the authorities find further crops, you risk a $300,000 fine and imprisonment of up to six years. 

The more plants you have, the harsher the punishment. The consequences also vary depending on whether you have a prior conviction.

If you’ve already purchased the best weed seeds from neighboring states, don’t throw them in the dustbin yet. Kansas laws allow you to buy and possess weed seeds, provided you don’t germinate or plant them. They’re classified as souvenirs.

Consuming Weed in Kansas 

If you’re a visitor from other states where cannabis is legal, you may wonder if edibles are legal in Kansas.

Currently, weed consumption is outright prohibited. To enjoy a joint with fellow tokers, you must wait until marijuana is legal or move to a 420-friendly jurisdiction. Otherwise, consuming your favorite strain will likely get you into trouble with the state.

The only exception to the strict rules is CBD products with no THC content. You can buy and use them without legal consequences. 

Possessing any amount of weed as a first offense is a class B misdemeanor that can attract a $1,000 fine and a six-month jail term. A second conviction is considered a class A misdemeanor, punishable with a fine of $2,500, up to a year in jail, or both. 

Distributing Cannabis in Kansas

Under Kansas marijuana laws, distributing less than 0.88 ounces of weed is a level four drug felony violation. It attracts a fine of $300,000, up to 51 months in prison, or both. 

According to Kansas weed laws, the distribution of at least 0.88 ounces but less than 15.9 ounces of marijuana is a level three drug felony. You may get a $300,000 fine, a jail term of up to 83 months, or both. 

Distributing at least 15.9 ounces but less than 66.2 pounds is a level two drug felony. It’s punishable by a fine of up to $500,000, 204 months in jail, or both. 

A cannabis distribution of more than 66.2 pounds is a level one drug felony with a fine of up to $500,000, 204 months in prison, or both.

Distributing it within 0.19 miles of a school increases the offense by a level. 15.9 ounces but less than 66.2 pounds of supply, which is a level two felony, becomes a level one.

Where Can You Get a Medical Marijuana Card?

Since the marijuana laws in Kansas have outlawed medical cannabis, you can’t get an authorized card from any doctor. The state has no medical marijuana program.

The Lowdown on Cannabis Legality in Kansas

Cannabis has been illegal in the Sunshine State since 1927, and the situation may not change, especially for recreational users. 

It’s unlawful to use, possess, cultivate, and distribute weed in Kansas. A violation of the laws leads to punishment by a fine or imprisonment. The consequences depend on the severity and whether you have any previous convictions.


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