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6 Tips for Hosting a Home Backyard Tailgate Party

6 Tips for Hosting a Home Backyard Tailgate Party

Football season is here, and it’s time to start preparing to host parties to watch the games at home. Whether you want to stay safe and healthy away from crowds or keep your tailgating expenses low and the fun high, there are many reasons to host a tailgate party at home. Here are some tips for throwing a home backyard tailgate party that scores with your quests.

Mount an outdoor TV

Live game coverage is a must-have in a home backyard tailgate party. Mount an outdoor TV on the patio away from direct sunlight and glare so everyone can watch the action. Consider adding a soundbar to amplify the referee calls and roar of the crowd without affecting the party guests’ din.

You don’t want a power outage or your generator dying in the middle of the game, so you will need at least a 1500-watt generator for your tailgate party. However, you might need to find a tailgate generator if you have a large-screen TV or plan to run multiple appliances.

Heat up your backyard 

Although it might be balmy in some places, it may get extremely cold in the fall, meaning you need a heat source to keep your guest comfortable. A fire pit is an excellent place to gather when the temperature starts to drop, during commercial breaks, before and after the game. Adding a fire pit to your tailgate party will provide heat and ambiance and generate light. However, if you are a person who likes to host regular outdoor parties, consider a standing heater.

Provide comfortable seating

While most guests will stand at the tailgate cheering for their favorite team, it’s good to have a few spots to sit down and relax. Add some convenience to your tailgating experience by providing collapsible leather stools. These tools are easy to fold and occupy very little space when collapsed.  

You can also consider modular seating that whizzes, providing function, style, and flexibility. The modular build is purposefully designed for matching and mixing, meaning these seats can fit into any space. Put cushions on the steps and a runner along the wall for a soft place to perch.

Add some ambiance with lighting

There is something unique about watching a game under lights at night. Therefore, create illumination and ambiance for your backyard tailgate setting after the sun sets with string lights wrapped around trees or strung overhead. The glow of the lights will add to the warm, inviting atmosphere, and create a fantastic look and feel.

Put lanterns on tables or use them to light the walkway. If you have a swimming pool, float LED-powered glow balls or white candles in the water. Orb-shaped LED lights can also add unique sparkle and magic to your backyard, whether you hang them from a tree or pergola.

Prepare a simple tailgate party menu

Food and snacks are everyone’s favorite at a tailgate party, so make sure you have plenty to feed your guests. The easiest way to ensure everyone gets at least one healthy option is to serve a veggie tray and dip. You can buy mini brownies from your local food store and use white icing in a piping back to make football laces on the brownies. Meatball sliders stuffed with cheese are another favorite and easy tailgate party food. They are small and delicious and easy to hold with one hand.  

Mark your culinary creations with small paper flags, toothpicks, or moss to save yourself time explaining what each dish is. That way, your guests will easily find the food they like, allowing you time to mingle and get your tailgate party on.

For the drinks, serve a cocktail to help set the mood of your home backyard tailgate party. The Bloody Mary is one of the best signature drinks for a tailgate party, as it can be prepared in a pitcher and shipped easily. It’s also a good drink before a game since it contains vitamins and minerals from tomato juice.

Add team spirit to the patio

You cannot host a backyard tailgate party without dressing your space with teams’ merch and colors. After cleaning your patio, add football-themed decorations such as balloons, streamers, and centerpieces. Use a cheap metal to hold yellow napkins. Depending on the color you bought, paint black or yellow on the bucket to mimic a referee’s t-shirt.   


Hosting a backyard tailgate party at home doesn’t have to be difficult. You can make it simple, unique, and memorable. Follow these simple tips to host your next backyard tailgate party like a champion and make memories this tailgating season.


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