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6 Breathtaking Places in New York City to Explore With Bikes

6 Breathtaking Places in New York City to Explore With Bikes

Living in New York, it’s easy to drown yourself in work and not have the time to relax, unwind and take care of yourself. 

But the city that never sleeps does have a way of giving its residents some semblance when it comes to de-stressing. If you’re into taking a bike ride through New York and exploring places you’ve never seen before then, you’ve come to the right place! 

There are several things to do and see in the city, and we've shortlisted six places where you can explore with your bike. Let's ride straight to them, shall we? 

6 Amazing Places in New York City You Can Explore With Bikes

Whether the weather brings you down or work, giving yourself a change of pace can help immensely to de-stress. If you're more of a solo adventure-taking person or you'd much rather join a tour guide, there's something here for everyone: 

Bronx River Pathway

If you love riding your bike through nature, then the Bronx River pathway is just the place for you. It's a beautiful path that runs through the woods until it reaches the city's northern borders and ends on Westchester. 

Starting from Oak Street in Mount Vernon, you'll come across many bridges along the riverbank as you bike through. Thanks to the trail doing a 1.6km loop near oak street, there will be no shortage of nature around you. This is followed by another 5.8km ride from Bronxville to Scarsdale and a further 8km ride from Hartsdale to the Plaza Kensico Dam in Valhalla. 

For those who don't own a bike - the Island offers kiosks that let you rent a bike, and it's open during the summer. Those who are environmentally conscious can rent an electric cruiser bike in the city

Enjoy the Beautiful Sights of the Hudson River Greenway 

The Hudson River Greenway has a paved bike path that spans 19km starting from Battery Park and ending up on the right to the George Washington Bridge. And on these bike paths, you'll get to see some of the most mesmerizing views of the Hudson River. 

Joggers and pedestrians share this lovely route for quick morning runs, bike rides, and slow walks while enjoying the path's breathtaking views. And as it's known to be the longest path in New York City (also the busiest), you can visit the Intrepid Museum, or head down to the Midtown-based Manhattan Cruise Terminal. 

However, even though that cruise terminal path just opens up near Chelsea, you can still get to witness the beautiful scenic route all the way to the Cloisters and Fort Tryon Park! And that's the perfect place to stop, take a break, and enjoy a bit of peace. 

Filled with Art and Culture in Governors Island

Aside from the dozens of arts and cultural events showcased during the summer, Governors Island park can also be a bikers paradise. Thanks to the car-free park, you'll come across beautiful tree-lined trails, unbelievable views, and sights of some of the famous historic buildings that Lower Manhattan and the New York Harbour offer.  

The best part is that the Governors Island Ferry Riders and the east river Ferry are also bike-friendly!

Pulaski to Williamsburg Bridge

Riders who are fascinated with skylines will love the bike trail from Pulaski to Williamsburg Bridge. The path starts down the commercial lanes of Manhattan Avenue and continues till Noble Street. 

From here, you'll have the option to either go to McCarren Park and enjoy a loop before heading off to Driggs Ave, or go over the park and ride the Kent Ave bike path, take the Williamsburg bridge at South 5Th Street into the Lower East Side.  

Whichever way you choose, there's no doubt about the spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline. 

Taking a Small-Group Central Park Bike Tour 

Here's a fun fact about Central Park that some of you may already know about - it spans 2.5 miles from 59th Street to 110th Street. That's quite a trek you have to endure on foot!  

Fortunately, you can just grab your bike and ride through, enjoying the wonderful sights of the park's infamous attractions within just two hours. The bike tour includes stops at the Strawberry Fields, Bethesda Fountain, Jackie Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, Cleopatra’s Needle, and the Dakota. 

However, you must know that most bike tours consist of 7-8 people to provide a touch of a personalized guided experience. That means you'll have to make reservations to get a spot! So, if you're interested in taking a tour instead of going solo mode on an adventure, you can look them up. 

Three-Borough Cultural Bike Tour

Ending it with another impressive bike tour sounds like a good plan from our part. However, we must warn you as this is a full, single day tour. The tour takes you through 3 key boroughs - Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. So, you can look forward to cycling through long island city, Greenpoint, and the upper east side, before you cross the Williamsburg bridge and end your day in the Lower East side. 

The tour guide will point out key sights of the city's high-spirited cultural melting pot. For instance, a random polish enclave from Greenpoint can easily bump into the Hasidic Jewish community in Williamsburg. It's a great clash of education and also celebrations indeed. 

You'll undoubtedly see more than you'd have seen if you didn't know about the tour. This is for those who really love to dive into the history and culture of the city they're living in. 

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, we'd like to say that there are a lot more bike trails you can find all across New York City, both inside and out. If you're ever feeling down and want a change of pace, grab a bike and let nature and beauty help ease your mind. We hope the list of trails and tours we provided give you the push to find your own trails. 

If you have a favorite trail or trails you cherish riding in, let us know in the comments below. Happy riding!


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