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5 Ways to Meet New People as an Adult

5 Ways to Meet New People as an Adult

There are numerous benefits to widening your social circle and meeting new people, but as an adult, it isn't always the easiest thing to achieve. If you're looking for ways to meet new people but aren't sure where to start, you aren't alone but you're in the right place. We're certain you'll find some inspiration here. 

1. Start Playing a Sport

A fantastic way to meet new people is by taking up a sport. Which sport you choose is entirely up to you, as all of them (even the ones generally done solo!) can bring you into new crowds and improve your social connections. 

Some sports require no equipment at all, while others might require some purchases (such as racquets, golf head covers, or appropriate footwear). When choosing your sport, go for the one that interests or intrigues you most. You'll meet new people and might unlock a new passion!

2. Sign Up for a Class

As themost populated city in Kansas, Wichita has plenty to do with plenty of classes to join. No matter what your vocation or hobby is, you'll find something fun to do - all while meeting brand-new, like-minded people.

The class could be anything, from pottery to painting, writing, and so much more. If competitive sport isn't your idea of fun but you want to be more active, then why not try signing up for a yoga or Pilates class?

3. Use an App

Your smartphone is capable of so much more than previous models, and networking is the cherry on the cake. Social media apps can be used to bring people together, especially people with specific shared interests.

However, some apps are designed exclusively for meeting new people and fostering new friends. Even some dating apps include features purely for meeting new people in a platonic way, like BumbleBFF. Stay open-minded about where you make new friends! 

4. Start Volunteering

The perfect way to meet new people and feel good about yourself is to start volunteering. There's very little in the world as rewarding as helping others, and there a plenty of great charities and nonprofits to get involved with.

This could include litter-picking, working at a food bank, assisting with mental health services, and so many more. Volunteering is beneficial for your overall health and for broadening your social circle. 

5. Join a Book Club

Finally, if you're into reading (or would like to read more but struggle to find the motivation), then a book club is the perfect solution. 

Finding a local book club shouldn't be hard. Many groups post on social media about when and where they're going to meet up and joining can be as easy as sending a quick message or simply showing up. 

Broaden Your Social Circle!

There are endless benefits to meeting new people. Not only can it lead to some incredible friendships, but it also encourages you to be more active and can improve your overall well-being. Don't hesitate to branch out; you won't regret it. 


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