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10 Spring Cleaning Tips

10 Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring has finally arrived! Open your windows, let all the fresh air in and…finally, see what dust and dirt have been building up around your house over the winter.

It never ceases to amaze me at how dirty your house can get over just one season. Now is the time to get down to business and deep clean the house from top to bottom.

Here are 10 common “problems” around the house that most people seem to battle with but may not have an answer as to how to clean. The solutions are very easy and well worth the time and effort. Ready to get your house clean and in shape for spring? These simple cleaning techniques will dramatically change the look and feel of your house.

1. The Problem
Grime around the faucet

The Solution
Soak paper towels in vinegar. Take the soaked paper towels and wrap them around the bottom of the faucet and handles. Let them sit for thirty minutes to an hour before removing them, and wipe off any excess grime at that time.

2. The Problem
Smelly couches and mattresses

The Solution
Sprinkle baking soda on fabric (not leather) couches and mattresses. Let the baking soda sit for at least twenty minutes and up to an hour. Using the brush attachment on the vacuum, vacuum the entire couch and/or mattress. The baking soda will take out the “musty” smell and leave it smelling fresh and clean!

3. The Problem
Dirty and dusty vents

The Solution
Take all your vents around the house and give them a good handwashing scrub down. The amount of dust and grime that builds up behind vents over time is astonishing!

4. The Problem
Dirty grout in tile and bathtubs/showers

The Solution
Fill group lines with bleach clinging gel. This gel is a thicker substance which allows it to “cling” to the grime instead of sliding right off of it, and you can find it available in different brands at Walmart or Dillon’s. Let the bleach clinging gel set for ten to fifteen minutes, and then use the gel as soap to mop of the rest of the floor or bathtub/shower area.

5. The Problem
Dirty clothes washers

The Solution 
For top-loading washers, start the machine on its longest wash cycle with the hottest water option and let the machine fill up with water. As the machine is filling up with the hot water, add four cups of white vinegar. Once it is done filling with water, let the machine agitate for a minute or two (still going through its wash cycle) before turning it off and letting it soak in the hot water and vinegar mixture for an hour. After that hour has passed, take a sponge or cloth and use the mixture to clean the rest of the inside of the machine that the water cannot touch (i.e. dispenser for fabric softeners and bleach, any build up above the water line, the inside of the lid, etc.). Once the extra wipe down is done, turn the machine back on and let it run through its longest wash and spin cycle.

For front-loading washers, soak an old towel in white vinegar, and push that in between the rubber gasket and the machine in the door (there’s usually a lot of build-up under the rubber that people don’t see or know about—and that can be a big cause of a smelly washing machine). Let the towel sit there for thirty minutes, and then throw the towel in the washer. Run the washer on its longest wash cycle with the hottest water option, and as the machine is filling with water add one to two cups of the white vinegar. After the cycle is done, be sure to also wipe out the detergent dispenser, the inside of the machine, and the inside of the front door with a 50/50 mixture of hot water and vinegar.

6. The Problem
Dirty trash cans

The Solution

Take your trash cans out to the driveway or backyard and spray them down with your favorite cleaning product. Use a toilet brush to scrub the inside of the trash cans to make sure all the sticky grime and grease gets cleaned. Once done, rinse out with a hose and flip the can over to dry.

7. The Problem
Greasy cabinets

The Solution
Mix two cups of warm water with two tablespoons of Dawn dish soap. Use this mixture and a cloth to scrub down the cabinets, and then wipe dry with a towel. Another option is to sprinkle baking soda on a damp cloth and then wipe down and dry the cabinets.

8. The Problem
Dirty showerheads

The Solution
Fill a small plastic bag with white vinegar. Tie the bag around the showerhead and secure it with a rubber band. Let the showerhead soak in the vinegar overnight, and wipe off any excess grime with a cloth and warm water the next day.

9. The Problem
A dirty car that needs some love

The Solution
Give it a deep clean! Sprinkle baking soda on fabric seats and floor carpets and vacuum off (see #2 in this article). Wipe down all surfaces, mirrors, and windows. Clean out and de-clutter the trunk. Clean headlights with toothpaste and a sponge (just give them a good scrub and then rinse off with water). Clean the cup holders by spraying with your favorite cleaning product, wrapping an old sock around the bottom of a cup and then sticking the cup down into the holder to ensure you are reaching every crease and corner. Use a small foam brush and clean the air vents out. All of this will lead to a fresh and clean smelling car—and who doesn’t love that?

10. The Problem
Too much junk and clutter around the house

The Solution
THROW IT AWAY (or donate it). So many people feel like they have a completely cluttered and junk-filled house—and the solution is simple. Get rid of the junk. Do you have old magazines, books, receipts, documents and more laying around? Recycle, donate, or shred them.

Do you have clothes in your closet you haven't worn in years? Donate them. Do you have old or outdated medicines and/or vitamins? Dispose of these properly by placing them in a pharmacy disposal drop-box. Do you have old makeup, perfumes, lotions, etc.? Throw them away. Do you have jewelry that you have held onto forever but it’s broken and now out of style? See if there’s a way to upcycle it and create a new piece out of it! Also, look through your cabinets and pantry and get rid of all expired foods.

Can you imagine the fresh and clean smell and look of your house after taking on these simple cleaning tips? The last step is, of course, sitting back with your favorite beverage and enjoying the product of your work. So open up those windows and get going!



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