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Hampton Inn & Suites

Valentine’s Day is a day about love and romance. What a better way to spend Valentine’s Day than to take a little getaway with your loved one. Even if it’s just to a local hotel, it’s nice to have some time to yourselves. The Hampton Inn & Suites on Greenwich is a great choice! The Hampton is a beautiful hotel that is reasonably priced and the staff is friendly and the rooms are clean.

I had the chance to stay at the Hampton Inn & Suites to get the real feel of what it’s like to stay there. I check in and the front desk was very nice and helpful. My room was amazing. I wasn’t sure what to expect—I figured it would be like your typical hotel room, but it definitely surpassed my expectations.

There was a kitchen area with a sink and microwave and then further in there was a couch with a coffee table and wide open space. The bed was a king size super fluffy bed with tons of pillows! It was extremely comfortable. There was a flat screen TV that rotated so it could be seen from any angle.

The bathroom area was also great. The curved shower curtain made it feel much bigger! The restroom and shower was separate from the sink which was nice. It would be very handy when you have more than one person trying to get ready at the same time.

My favorite part of the room was this little box that was on one of the end tables by the bed. It was a charge center. It had multiple outlets as well as USB ports for charging iPods or iPhones. That is something that I am always in need of because I typically have to unplug the light or alarm clock or plug my phone in on the opposite side of the room in order to charge it. When there are several people in the room that is extremely convenient.

In addition to the awesome amenities inside of the room, there is a pool and hot breakfast in the morning! It’s a large selection of great food to start your day off right.


by Hannah Kern


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