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Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter Hair Care Tips

When it's cold, dry and windy outside keeping your strands looking healthy can be a challenge. To keep your hair healthy, check out these tips for combating the winter weather!

Protect Your Hair From the Wintry Weather.

Winter weather can really take a toll on your hair. The cold and wet conditions can be very damaging, so it’s important to protect against it. This can be done simply by wearing a hat. To avoid damage, and to save you the heartache of hat-hair, wrap your tresses in a silk scarf before putting on your hat. This protects from breakage that could be caused by the hat rubbing directly on your hair.

Don’t Over-wash.

In fact, wash as little as possible. No, this doesn’t mean stop washing altogether (Ew!), but cutting back to a two-to-three wash per week schedule will help prevent your hair from drying out which can lead to breakage and split ends, and you certainly don’t want that. A moisturizing shampoo can also aid in keeping your hair from drying out as quickly when you do wash.

Don’t Go Outside With Wet Hair.

First of all, you’ll be really cold and miserable if you’re out in the cold with wet hair. Second of all, you once again risk breakage if your hair freezes, so it’s best to let your hair dry before leaving the house. Using a blowdryer should also be avoided when possible, as it can dry out the hair.

Deep Condition Once a Week.

This is crucial because it will nourish your locks and help them to lock in moisture, preventing, you guessed it! Breakage! This is a great way to combat the cold, and it will leave your hair soft and shiny, too!

Go In For a Trim.

It’s important to get your ends trimmed year-round, but in winter this can be especially imperative when it comes to having healthy-looking and feeling hair. If you notice your ends are in bad shape, cut your losses. Literally. It’s much healthier (and cheaper!) to cut them off than to invest more time and money into trying to recover them.

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