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Who Needs Long-Term Care?

Who Needs Long-Term Care?

In life, public services and private services are always going to be necessary. There will always be people looking for help – and there will be those who will be there for them at every beck and call. Whether we’re talking about professional help or family/friends doing their bit, caring for others will always be a part of life. 

There are many different methods of care. Here we’re going to go into a little detail regarding long-term care and who will need it.

What Is Long-Term Care?

Long-term care is simple around the caregiving of one to another for an extended period due to one reason or another. It involves a variety of services designed to meet a person’s health or personal needs. These services will help a person live as independently as they can and as safely as they can while they can no longer function every day as they once did. 

While it’s typically done by unpaid family members and friends, it also takes place in nursing homes and care centers. It all depends on the particular individual’s needs. See https://catholiccarecenter.org/long-term-care/

for an example of a paid, in-facility long-term care service.

Who Typically Needs Long-Term Care?

Long-term care is not exclusive one a particular kind of person. Anyone can fall into the category as long as they’re in need of genuine help for a sustained period. We can narrow down the kinds of individuals, however, based on their lifestyle and other particular facets of their life. 

For instance, age comes into play – people will likely be candidates for long-term care as they get older. They’ll function differently and will need a lot of help. Statistically, women will acquire long-term care a lot more often due to the fact that they live longer than men.

Single people are more likely to need and receive paid long-term care than married, engaged, or those in an exclusive relationship.

Those who have a pretty poor lifestyle will likely need care. Those with, for example, exercise habits and diet habits will have an increased chance are needing help. You also have to look at the history of one’s health and their family tree.

What Assessments Are Necessary Before Long-Term Care Happens?

Mental Capacity Assessment

This is completed by a health or social care professional first, and then by a multidisciplinary team. It’s important and needs to be done by someone who is well-versed in the Mental Capacity Act.


The local authority will take a look at this. It is done after it has been clearly shown, through a continuing healthcare assessment, that your relative does not qualify for full NHS funding. It’s important as it helps to determine whether the local authority should pick up the bill. 


Plenty of different professionals, such as health and social care professionals, hospital teams, mental teams, and lots of others, will go through risk assessments. They are used to build an idea of care needs and risks that they may face. 

Social Care Report

Someone from the local authority of social services will take a look at this. They’ll ensure that all needs are properly recorded and that suitable care is put in place from start to finish. 


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