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Summer Skin Care Tips From Facial Expressions

There's nothing like fun in the sun during the warm summer months, but that fun in the sun can wreak havoc on your skin. Harmful UVA and UVB rays can cause all sorts of damage from stuff as small as dry skin, to stuff much worse such as skin cancer. Carmen Trissal of Facial Expressions gave us some insight on how to take care of your skin this summer. 

Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

When it’s hot out, dehydration can set in quick. This isn’t great for your body in general, but it can really cause problems for your skin. Trissal has this to say:

Drink cucumber water. The more we are in the sun, the more we will dehydrate. Summer brings on many outdoor activities that usually include sweating and water loss. Not only are our internal organs suffering, but our external organ, the skin, suffers too. Drinking optimal amounts of water will decrease toxins in the body and bring a youthful glow to the skin. Cucumber is an amazing antioxidant with vitamins that nourish the body and help our skin shine all through those summer days.”

Protect Your Lips

The lips, an often overlooked part of our bodies, can suffer a lot during the summer. UV rays can give your lips a sunburn and dry them out. Trissal has this recommendation to keep your lips healthy all summer long:

We often find that with summer, we still have dehydrated chapped lips but never think to apply an SPF or lip cream to help keep water in the lip area. Ultimately this will create premature aging lines around the lips. It’s always nice to apply a nourishing treatment cream to the lips. One we find exceptional is SkinPhd lip treatment cream. Only apply twice a day, morning and night, to keep those lips healthy from the harsh UVA rays.”



The sun, hot air, pool water, lake water and many other things that come with summer tend to dry your skin out. Moisturizing can help alleviate a lot of the common summer skin ailments. In addition to preventing cracked skin, there are a few other benefits. Trissal has this to say on summer moisturizing:

“Moisturizing is a must, but not just in the winter months. Moisturizing in the summer can keep the aging factor at bay by allowing lipids into the skin to help collagen and elastin stay strong and bounce back. One trick we like is applying moisturizer immediately after getting out of the bath or shower. No longer than 60 seconds should go by before a moisturizer is applied.  Plus, I always leave my skin a little damp when applying my moisturizer to trap in extra hydration. It feels weird as you're applying it, but your skin will thank you later.”

Don't Fake Bake

Your skin is already bombarded with UV rays all summer long, so there’s no need to add to them. Carmen warns:

We all want a nice, bronzy glow for summer ... as most say, "Everything on me looks better tan!" But, don't subject your skin to long hours at the beach unprotected, or even short periods of time in a tanning bed. This will lead to aging MUCH QUICKER, with the possibility of developing skin cancer. Opt for a much safer tan: a spray tan. At Facial Expressions, we offer natural tans that can range in color from soft tan to extreme beach tan. Don't let the summer sun ruin your fun. Stay healthy with an all natural topical color.”


Follow Proper Sunscreen Application Technique

Follow Proper Sunscreen Applic

If you are in the habit of wearing sunscreen whenever you’re out—congrats! You’re already doing something right! But did you know there are some best practices when applying sunscreen? Trissal gave us these tips:

Let's set the facts straight first by saying the amount of SPF on the bottle is a huge controversy. You shouldn't pay much attention to SPF (sun protection factor) on the bottle if it is over 50. SPF 50 is optimal for face and body. Marketing gimmicks claiming SPF 100+ does better than SPF 50 is just a straight lie. The sun protection factor actual BARELY INCREASES with these amounts, which often lead to people thinking they are protected better and for longer periods of time, then people actually apply less throughout the day. SPF should be applied regularly, every two hours, while out in the sun. Aerosol cans are not ideal as those are can not be applied evenly when outside in the wind, on boats, etc. Always opt for a cream tube, and then apply the aerosol if necessary. Also, make sure that your sunscreen is kept in a cool place as it can degrade if left in the sun for too long. You can throw it in a cooler or keep it in a fridge for a nice, refreshing application on hot summer days.”

About Facial Expressions

About Facial Expressions

Facial Expressions Team
Carmen (right) and Cammie (left)

Facial Expressions prides themselves on customer relationships and getting to the bottom of every skin issue or concern. Carmen, being a licensed instructor, prides herself on educational skin information with each visit. Camie absolutely loves her time with clients, allowing them to escape from their day-to-day stress and unwind with each treatment. Stop by and see them today for all of your skincare needs!


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