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Kellogg Clinic

Resolution time is here and losing weight is a common trend for New Year’s resolutions. A lot of times though, people are not sure what to do to achieve their goals. Like anything else, losing weight is easier for some people and different methods are effective for everyone. Today is the first day of the week-long health and fitness blog series to give you different options for meeting your health and fitness goals. 

The Kellogg Clinic has been in business since 1988. Throughout the last 25+ years the Kellogg Clinic has been restoring happiness and confidence to the lives of many with their many weight loss programs designed specifically for individual needs.

The Kellogg Clinic takes several different approaches for weight loss needs. Some clients need to just lose that last 15-20 pounds while some are highly overweight. They offer everything from helping you limit your food intake to medical meal replacement. The Kellogg Clinic also works to make you an exercise plan that will help in addition to your regular diet.

The physicians at the Kellogg Clinic want you to enjoy life. They work with you to modify your lifestyle so that you can still enjoy the great things in life while improving your health.

Whether you need a little push to get started, help with a plan or a support system throughout your weight loss journey, the Kellogg Clinic is the perfect place for you to start.

For your no obligation, free consultation contact the Kellogg Clinic at one of their two locations in both East and West Wichita. Click here for more information.


by Hannah Kern

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