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Hospice Care Myths With Serenity Hospice Care

Hospice Care Myths with Serenity Hospice Care

Finding hospice care for a loved one is never an easy task. There are many myths and concerns surrounding the topic of Hospice care. We spoke with the experts at Serenity Hospice Care to dispel a few of these myths as well as see how they handle certain situations.

Here are a few myths about hospice:

If you choose hospice, you have to leave your home.

Serenity Hospice Care provides their services, care, and support wherever the patient feels most comfortable. This can happen virtually anywhere the patient calls home - whether it’s an independent living facility, assisted living facility, skilled nursing facility, long term care facility, home plus---wherever the patient calls home.  With the patient’s and family’s direct input, they work to develop a plan of care, personally tailored to make sure that the needs of both the patient and loved ones are met.

Choosing Hospice Care Is "Giving Up."

Quite the opposite.  Our experts at Serenity Hospice Care believe that instead, hospice services redefine, re-prioritize and refocus on the things that truly matter.  Hospice Care services are professional medical services designed specifically for the person to make sure that comfort, dignity, and quality of life are top priorities.  Hospice care allows both patients and family members to live life together to the fullest extent possible.  When pain control and symptom management become a primary medical focus, patients and families often find that their outlook and sense of wellbeing can improve, allowing them to consider important experiences like outings, travel---anything that helps add value and meaning to their journey. 

“Our experienced team will empower patients and families by emphasizing the treatment of the person and not the disease. Serenity will be a source of strength and expertise, providing uniquely tailored services for the mind, body, and spirit.”

Hospice is only staffed by volunteers.

While hospices do rely on some volunteer companionship support. The actual care is provided by medical professionals, chaplains, and licensed social workers. If you’re interested in volunteering for hospice however you can find out more info at SerentyCares.com

Hospice is too expensive

Hospice is too expensive

Not only is Hospice Care not expensive, but Hospice Care with many Hospice Programs is a Service covered 100% by Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance companies.

In fact, many Hospice Programs cover the cost of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and supplies that are related to the hospice diagnosis—at no out of pocket expense whatsoever to the patient or family. 

For those not covered through Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance, Serenity will provide services on a sliding fee scale based on a financial assessment.

Hospice care only helps the sick person.

Hospice can help both the patient as well as their family and loved ones.  Spiritual, emotional and caregiving support is an important feature of the Hospice Care experience and one of the only medical services to offer care, support and grief services to the patient’s loved ones

It's Difficult to Enroll in Hospice

The patient, a family member or the primary caregiver may call to enroll in Serenity Hospice Care at any time without a physician’s referral to obtain information. With the patient's permission, either the patient’s own physician or, if none, a Hospice Medical Director can be called to discuss the possibility and timing of entering hospice care.

About Serenity Hospice Care

About Serenity Hospice Care

Locally owned and operated, Serenity Hospice care provides the physical, emotional, spiritual and social support that the patient, family, and caregivers need during this difficult time. They empower patients and families by emphasizing the treatment of the person and not the disease. They provide care and support wherever the patient feels most comfortable. This may be in the patient’s own home, an assisted living facility, group home, nursing home— anyplace the patient calls home. With the patient’s and family’s direct input, Serenity will develop a plan of care, personally tailored to them.

Call 316.687.2273 today to schedule a free consultation or to learn more about Serenity Hospice Care.


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