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Tips for Choosing a Hair Stylist

Choosing a Stylist? Things to Consider

According to Distractify.com, women spend an average of 14,000 hours of their lives brushing, washing, blow-drying, straightening, curling and cutting their hair, and a recent study shows that men spend even more time grooming than women. These numbers pretty clearly indicate that we invest a lot in our appearances, and in our hair in particular. Most of us probably style our hair the same way (or very similarly) every day, some may have a handful of go-to styles, and a few more hair savvy people may always be trying new styles. No matter what your level of hair-creativity, most of us have some sort of routine we’ve fallen into. We get used to the length, texture and thickness of our hair, and over time we adjust to it. When it comes time to make a change, however, few of us know where to start.

When you’re ready to embark on a new hair styling adventure, choosing the right stylist is key. When looking for a stylist that’s a great fit for you, there are a lot of things to consider, and it’s important that you make the right decision.

In order to make this a little easier, we consulted the professionals. Check out what these local stylists recommend you consider when making a change in stylists!

"See if they value what you're looking for"

"See if they value what you're

"Choose a salon that offers continuing education and training to their stylist.  Look at the reviews on the stylist and check out their work on Facebook and other social media sites.  All stylist have areas of excellence, and by looking through their before and after pics you can see if they value what you are looking for.  For example if you are a blonde look for a stylist that showcases great work on blondes.  If you love color and vibrancy, look for someone that loves doing that kind of work. Lastly, I would make sure that the salon environment suites your style.  Do you want a quiet place that you can relax and meditate or do you like a busting salon with a talkative stylist?  The best recommendation a stylist can receive is by word of mouth. Find someone whose hair you admire and find out who their stylist is and go from there," said Schrene Davis of Paul Mitchell Salon.

"Personality can be a huge factor"


“Choosing a hairstylist can be such a personal thing for some people, personality can be a huge factor, as well as location. If you are looking for regular maintenance, the location of the salon and stylist availability can become a factor of convenience. Then skill and talent come into play, choosing a stylist that continues their education and wants to stay current with trends and techniques is vital to being able to communicate ideas back and forth from client to stylist. There are also product issues, as some people have allergies and reactions to different lines of hair color and styling products, choosing a stylist that can accommodate personal issues is important," said Jennifer long of the Salon at Happiness Plaza.

When you see a cut or style you like, ask about it!

When you see a cut or style yo

"First I would have to say a referral from another person is the number one way, however the web is a close second.  That is why it so important to have internet presence along with social media.  First for a referral, when you see someone with a cut or color you like ask them who their stylist is...it's a compliment so they will usually be happy to tell you,  keep in mind if the hair is the same texture , and thickness as yours.  On the web, google some great phrases such as "Best Salons in your town" or even more specific Best place to get hair color, lash extensions, hair extensions, waxing etc.  Their internet presence should have a bio of the salon and some of the staff with pictures to go along with it...see if you are getting a good vibe for a place you would be comfortable with.  Price wise, the location, the more educated the staff and experienced will cost more, but there is talent everywhere.  When calling a salon tell the person on the phone what you’re looking for...the best with long hair, short hair, color, children whatever is most important to you.  The person you speak with on the phone will be an example of the staff and the friendliness.  Most of all, be willing to make a change if one is recommended and don't be afraid to bring a picture! The perfect cut and or color will make you day," said Pam Cutler or Salon Knotty and Day Spa.

Bring a Picture!

Bring a Picture

"It is OK to ask for references or referrals. It is also a good idea to look at their portfolio, most stylists keep record of their talent and work. If you are looking for something specific such as a specific cut and color it is best to have a clear picture from Pinterest, book or magazine for your stylist to see, sometimes they don’t imagine the same outcome that you have in your head-visual aids always help!

 Some important things to consider would be whether the salon fits your needs, what is the price point for services? Does it fit your budget? What is the total investment? Such as the cost of your services plus products to maintain your lovely locks at home, or keep  your skin glowing," said Stacey Peters of Crave Beauty Academy. 

Looking for a stylist?

If you're looking for a stylist, check out some great local salons below!


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