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Let Them Eat Cake: Local Bakery Caters to Those With Food Sensitivites

Nice Bites

Imagine not being able to have cake on your own birthday, or anyone’s birthday for that matter. This is the reality for thousands of individuals living with food sensitivities and allergies. NiceBites Bakery, owned and operated by Sarah Hammond, gives those living with food sensitivities and allergies a chance to experience things like birthday cakes, cupcakes, and other sweets for the first time!

“It started with an idea from my daughter Morgan. We started small not knowing what to expect.  Our first event was a catering order for a business monthly meeting. In late March of 2016 we set up a booth at our first Farmers Market and we have been running ever since. I was amazed at all the people we meet in just the first few months who told us how excited they were to have a Vegan Bakery in Wichita and my hesitance was a passing thought.” Said Hammond “There are many families in Wichita and the surrounding area that like to eat allergen-free.  Which means dairy free, egg free, soy free, peanut free and all tree nut free. I am able to cater to their dietary restrictions. I strive to bake for my customers who have special request separate from my regular baking so I avoid cross-contamination. It is important to me that I am able to provide clean food to all my customers. I use ingredients that everyone can pronounce and can trust. I have had customers drive 4 plus hours to get goodies that they can't find anywhere else in this area.


Gluten Free AND Vegan

Gluten Free AND Vegan

NiceBites is the only vegan and gluten-free-vegan bakery in the area. What started as just an idea between mother and daughter has quickly transformed as more and more clients reached out for custom orders.

“I have had many customers who have had to go without a cake or cupcakes on their birthday for many years because they have tried to make a cake but it has failed or they are just not bakers” Said Hammond“  I did cupcakes for a little girls birthday a few months ago and she was turning 7. She was dairy free, egg free, gluten free, soy free and nut free. When her mom and she picked up the order she was so excited because this would be the first time she could eat the cupcakes at her own birthday party.  A few weeks later her mom made another order for sugar cookies and told me how that was her favorite birthday yet because she could have cake at her own party. I was so moved by this statement. To think that I was able to give this sweet little girl her first bite of cake ever. I have a neighbor who has so many food sensitivities and recently I was able to make her a cake for her 30 birthday.  I even had to mix my own Gluten Free flour because she was sensitive to potatoes and corn so I could not use the Gluten Free Flour that I usually use. It turned out so nice.”


Custom Orders Catered to Dietary Restrictions

And these few cases aren’t alone in their desire for desserts that fit their dietary needs.

“I receive upwards of a dozen calls a week for baked goods for people who need to avoid ingredients either because of Celiac Diseases, Food allergies, food sensitivities, or just because that is the way they choose to eat.  I love being able to provide baked goods in just the way that my customers want them. “

Custom Orders Catered to Dieta

Future of NiceBites

Today NiceBites serves up their vegan and gluten-free-vegan goodies at 4 different coffee shops in the area, a juice bar, and farmers markets.  Hammond says she hopes to one day expand into her own stand-alone location, but for now, she’ll keep “providing baked goods just the way my wonderful customers request them.”

NiceBites does so much more than cakes! Check out their other goods in the slideshow below!

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Breads And Muffins

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Vegan Pop-Tarts

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Cinnamon Rolls

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Vegan Cookies

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Almond Bars


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