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The Most Versatile of Bacons... Sweet Pepper Bacon

The Sweet Pepper Bacon Burger

For several years I have thoroughly enjoyed a particular food that I feel like I owe it to the city of Wichita to profess my love for.

On the surface it may strike you as a strange combination, and being a fairly picky eater it didn't immediately interest me. I'm very glad I tried it though... Sweet Pepper Bacon.

Now, there's a good chance upon hearing "Sweet Pepper Bacon" you left your chair and headed to Oldtown. Heroes Sports Bar has made this item a local favorite. It's well know and well loved. If you haven't tried it though, let me sell you a bit, I think you'll enjoy it.

Sweet Pepper Bacon is all of the great things about candy combined with all of the great things about bacon. It's that magical mix of sweet and salty. It's a tasty dessert and a hardy entree all in one. Now maybe you're thinking bacon's 15 minutes are up? I'm with you. I let the bacon jelly beans slide. Bacon beer was really pushing it. Baconnaise may have crossed the line. But straight-up bacon? It's a classic.

Somehow the the blend of spices and sugar collide perfectly on Sweet Pepper Bacon. And the most amazing thing is you can put it on just about anything. From sandwiches to desserts. It's like it was always designed to be there.

Heroes has had this stuff on their menu for many years now. You can get it on burgers, pizzas, chicken sandwiches, salads, cheesecake, you name it. For my taste buds, every food item you can consume is decidedly better with Sweet Pepper Bacon. If your favorite burger is a 10... With Sweet Pepper Bacon, 11. It's true.

Scientists could probably tell you how all of this works. What it does to your brain. Taste buds, dopamine, nasal receptors, etc... I can't do that. But I can tell you sometimes it's okay to just enjoy and not ask why.

by Brandon White


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