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R Coffee House Practices Responsible Sourcing Practices

R Coffee House Practices Responsible Sourcing Practices

September 29th is National Coffee Day. As you guzzle your frappuccinos, pumpkin spice lattes, your espressos or just your regular cups of black coffee, do you ever stop to think of where it came from?

R Coffee House has, and this is why they proudly serve “direct trade” coffee from PT’s Coffee Roasting Company.

Direct trade means they source their beans directly from the farmers who grow them and meet their quality, environmental and community standards. PT’s Coffee works to build beneficial and respectful relationships with individual producers or cooperatives within coffee producing companies.

They work with the farmers to ensure the coffee quality is exceptional. All decisions flow from the quality of coffee in the cup. They make sure the farmer is practicing healthy, sustainable, environmental and community practices. With this unique relationship, they also give feedback from the consumer to the producer so they can improve the quality even further

The relationship isn't one-sided either, in order to make sure the farmer is treated fairly, they check to make sure the price to the farmer exceeds the C market price, or fair trade price, by a minimum of 25%.

R Coffee House sees the value in sourcing quality coffee and treating the people who make it with respect. That’s why they serve direct trade coffee. They do this not because it's the "PC" thing to do, but because it's the right thing to do.

About R Coffee House

About R Coffee House

R Coffee House is the epitome of a neighborhood coffee shop, nestled deep in the heart of the historic Riverside neighborhood. Family owned and operated, R Coffee House is an eclectic blend of art, music, food and gourmet coffee. More than just coffee, they also serve breakfast, lunch and dinner items. They’re proud to call Wichita their home and show it by displaying local artists artwork on their walls and having local musicians play in the evenings.


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