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Ways to Celebrate National Pizza Day

Today is National Pizza Day, and the only logical way to celebrate is, of course, to get yourself a slice and chow down. The real question is how far are you willing to go for the slice? We've made a scale to figure out where you fall in terms of pizza-enjoying effort.

1. Make It From Scratch

Why not celebrate by making your pie 100% from scratch? Knead the dough, simmer the sauce, slice the veggies, grate the cheese. You can't get much fresher than this. Too much work? Keep scrolling, eventually you'll find something that fits your effort level.

1. Make It From Scratch

2. Use Pre-made Dough

Maybe waiting for the dough to rise is a bit much for you. That's okay, you can still whip up some fresh sauce and toppings and put it all on top of a pre-made crust.

2. From Pre-made Crust

3. Make It From a Kit

Grocery Shopping not your forte? Most stores carry pizza kits that come with everything you need. All you have to do is assemble the pizza (Great news! They even provide in instructions for that!)

3. Make It From a Kit

Image: Pinterest.com

4. Take-N-Bake

Several places around town offer a take-n-bake alternative. This allows you to enjoy a piping hot, fresh pizza straight out of the oven with fresh ingredients. It also saves you the hassle or mess of making it yourself.

4. Take-N-Bake

5. Dine-in at a Restaurant

So cooking in general isn't exactly your thing. That's okay, just drop by your favorite pizza joint and order yourself a pie. You still get it fresh, and you still get the aroma of the pizzas baking, but there's no mess or chance for you to burn it.

5. Dine-in at a Restaraunt

6. Carry-out

Dining in at a restaurant would mean having to look presentable in public, and on some days, that's just too much. We get it, we've all been there. Carry-out is another great option that still means you don't have to cook. Call ahead and pick it up on your way home from work.

7. Order Delivery

Maybe you can't be bothered to leave the house, hop online or pick up the phone to order yourself a pizza.

7. Order Delivery

8. Frozen Pizza

Okay, so any human interaction at all is too much effort. We've been there, too.  Just brush the ice off of a frozen pizza box, pop it in the oven and enjoy.

9. Pizza Flavored Hot Pockets

If you've come this far, you can't even be bothered to turn on your oven. You need your pizza now and are going to settle for Hot Pockets. You enjoy your pizza filled pastry, even if it is lava hot and frozen at the same time.

image: EWG.org

10. Veggies

Okay, we messed up somewhere if we've come to this. This isn't pizza. I mean yes, it's part of what makes a pizza, but it's not the same, and it's not nearly as delicious. Maybe we should take a couple steps back and try this again. 

10. Veggies

Knolla's Pizza

Knolla's Pizza

If you chose options 5, 6, or 7, we have a suggestion for you. Drop-in, carry-out or have a Knolla's pizza delivered. They've been serving Wichita with delicious pizza for over 30 years (which means they must be doing something right). Knolla’s Pizza is your freedom from corporate pizza. All of their pizzas are fresh and made to order. Chicago Deep Dish or New York Thin Crust, they've got a pie to tame your craving.


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