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Local Brewery Wants Wichitans to Leave Their Mark

Local Brewery Wants Wichitan's to Leave Their Mark

image via Augustino Facebook Page

Local brewery and restaurant, Augustino Brewing, wants Wichitans and beer travelers to our craft beer city to leave their marks on their walls, literally! Through mid-August, patrons of the brewery can draw a picture, write a phrase, or even take a selfie that will be laser etched onto wood and hung along the establishment's walls. Best of all, it’s free to do when you dine in or drink with them, and it helps repurpose and recycle wood reclaimed from old pallets!

Augustino Brewery sets itself apart in that it is so much more than just a brewery. Augustino is an award-winning restaurant, craft coffee shop, and home to some of Wichita’s best mixologists who whip up some delicious cocktails.

The Food

Their menu, self-described as “Upscale Pub Cuisine” is curated using the freshest quality ingredients for all of their items.

“We don't just want to be pub food, we aim to be excellent food that customers come back for,“ said Augustine Iacopelli. “Our burgers have highlighted our menu, but in the future, we will be branching out into other categories and adding menu items you might expect to find at a place called Augustino Brewing, such as calamari, mussels, and possibly even high-end pizza.”

Their brisket nachos have even won a glowing 5-star review by Wichita Nacho Review, and Food Network has even interviewed Augustino about the nachos as the best in Kansas for a possible future online article. 

About Augustino Brewery

Brisket Nachos

The Drinks

Despite “brewery” in their name, Augustino does way more than just brew beer. They are the only brewery and craft coffeehouse in the state of Kansas. They also have a full bar, complete with features you don’t see at every bar.

“We boast some of the top mixologists in the area, who put as much heart and soul into their signature cocktails as our brewhouse staff put into the craft beers we put out,” said Iacopelli.

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Craft Cocktails

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Craft Coffee

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Advanced Mixology

As for the beer

“Right now, we're acclimating our guests to a fairly standard array of core beer styles as we establish ourselves in the local market. We're interested in brewing beers that guests will want to come back for rather than drinking here once and move on. That stated, we have several novel beers in the pipeline guests can expect to see coming out on a one-time-only basis in the future,” said Iacopelli.

As for the beer

The Ideas

“Our inspiration across the board comes from wanting to create both beer and food that is accessible to the foodie/beer nerd and the novice alike. Our desire has always been to be certain that no one feels left out in the party that is coming to dine and drink with us. We have plenty to choose from off our food and drink menus,” said Iacopelli.


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