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How Juice Cleanses Benefit Your Body

Juice cleansing is a detox diet where you only consume fruit and vegetable juices while abstaining from eating whole food. Juice cleanses can last for several days, all the way up to several weeks depending on your experience level and desired outcome. But, how do juice cleanses actually benefit your body? With juice cleanses growing in popularity, it’s important to know whether going without food is worthwhile or if it’s just a fad that will cost you time and money.

Relaxes the Stomach

Relaxes the Stomach

Juice cleanses can help the stomach to work less while extracting nutrients. This is because juice requires less of the stomach’s digestive processing. Always remember that digestion begins in your mouth, so give your juice a good swish and chew before swallowing.

Repairs the Gut

Our healthy gut bacteria can become unbalanced due to toxic foods, medications and even stress. An imbalance in the gut microbiome, as well as actual breaks in the intestinal barrier called leaky gut, can allow substances into our bodies that shouldn’t be there. Consuming fruit and vegetable juices can allow for easy assimilation through the intestine, using less energy and repairing the gut simultaneously.

Rests the Liver

The liver is our main organ for detoxing. With impaired liver function, juicing vegetables has the added benefit of making the vegetables easier to digest, and more readily available for absorption. Nutrients that are absorbed through the intestinal wall move into the liver for detoxification before entering the rest of the body. This is why it’s important to provide your body with wholesome ingredients such as fruit and vegetable juices, which can help rest the liver from being overworked due to toxic foods.

Reduces Appetite

Juicing promotes discipline and eliminates the habit of overeating, which can lead you to feel more satiated throughout your juice cleanse. This helps to provide a big psychological boost to launch over the hurdle of bad eating patterns.

Eliminates Potentially Harmful Foods

Eliminates Potentially Harmful

The juice cleanse eliminates potentially harmful foods from the diet such as wheat, dairy, gluten, coffee and alcohol. Eliminating these foods from the diet, then slowly reintroducing them later, can help determine if any of these foods are causing our body problems.

Helps to Lose Weight

As you begin to feel better and have increased energy levels, you may also start to lose weight naturally. A juice cleanse is a great way to jumpstart a diet because it’s lower in calories and helps suppress appetite and control cravings. In addition, it can supply the body with healthy nutrients that it’s been missing out on.

Improves Energy

Natural foods can improve energy even more than frequent caffeine drinks. After the first day on the juice cleanse, most people begin to feel an increase in energy and mental clarity.

Hydrates the Body

Most people don’t drink enough water, often consuming diuretics such as caffeine drinks as their beverage of choice. Drinking sufficient fluids helps the body function more efficiently, increases energy and mental clarity and helps the elimination of harmful toxins in the body. Take your body weight in pounds and divide it by two; this will determine how many ounces of water per day is suggested. Keep in mind that you should be consuming, even more, water on a juice cleanse.

Heals Cells

Drinking the juice of fresh fruit and vegetables can help with cell rejuvenation. The essential elements that may be lacking in your cells, particularly live enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, can easily be absorbed through daily consumption of fresh green juices that are often destroyed by processing if purchased in-store. 

You can start your juice cleanse by grabbing a day package at Songbird Juice Co. They come with four juices per day that pack a whopping ten pounds of cold-pressed fruits and vegetables.

About Songbird Juice Co.

About Songbird Juice Co.

Wichita's Original Cold-Pressed Juicery offering fresh juices, smoothies, acai bowls and more made with mindfully sourced, clean ingredients. They cold press their juices. Cold-pressing eliminates the heating process common in other juicing methods and thus extends the shelf life for up to 5 days. Which means you can buy a juice from Songbird Juice Co. and drink it 5 days later and it will still be fresh!


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