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Fried Everything: A Look at The 2018 State Fair Foods

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Fried Everything

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Fried Pineapple

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New Years Eve Cookies

It’s that time again! The smells of fried foods are filling the air of the Kansas State Fairgrounds, so bring on the fried…well…everything! This year there are some great choices of food, from old favorites and classics to new and intriguing options! The Kansas State Fair has something for everyone’s taste buds to enjoy and savor.

One of the most anticipated things of the state fair is to see what weird and unique dishes you can find! This year, there are plenty of options for the adventurous eaters. One of the unique options available this year is Grilled Lemonade available at Russ & Annie’s. It’s available in 24oz or 32oz, and it is a delicious take on a cherry, lime, or classic lemonade! When making the lemonade, they cut the lemon in half and cover one half in brown sugar and the other in regular sugar, and then set them on a grill to caramelize before squeezing them to make the lemonade. There are also plenty of deep-fried unique options, such as deep-fried pineapple or deep-fried strawberry shortcake. At the Cookie Stand in the indoor pavilion, you can find New Year’s Cookies which are a traditional German fritter with raisins, which are deep-fried and covered in a glaze.

Carousel Café is also offering some crazy ideas of dishes like the Funnel Cake Burger which uses two funnel cakes instead of a bun, the Mac Attack Cheeseburger which puts melty mac and cheese into a breaded “bun”, and the Roni Dog that combines two childhood favorites—the hot dog and macaroni and cheese. If you are just looking for a snack, try their chocolate covered bacon or deep-fried jalapeno twinkies.

If you are craving more of the traditional flavors of a fair, the Kansas State Fair offers many options in this category as well. Pronto Pups are a very popular and very classic item, and the Kansas State Fair is making sure everyone with a craving for one will be able to get their hands on one! There are multiple Pronto Pup stands around the fairgrounds to make sure they are easily accessible. In the indoor pavilion, Kansas Catfish is serving up delicious smelling catfish meals, and across the building at Porky’s, you can get a scrumptious apple dumpling for dessert!

Some concession vendors are opting to take traditional loved favorites and put a little twist to make a new favorite. The Moink Balls seen at different locations are combining a meatball, and then wrapping it in bacon—because who doesn’t like bacon?! Chubbs & Spudds are taking the classic soft pretzel and stuffing it with cheese, and offering flavors such as beer cheese, pizza, jalapeno, and cream cheese. The Nasty Nator is available at Crazy 8 Concessions and combines classic curly fries topped with pulled pork, nacho cheese, BBQ sauce, and jalapenos.

If you are looking to feed a family on a budget while at the fair, there are multiple options for that as well. A few vendors towards the outer borders of the fairground offer family friendly or budget-friendly options such as $1.50 hot dogs and hamburgers. Another fun option to enjoying favorites is to order a whole bucket of them! At multiple different food vendors, buckets of fries, nachos, and even cheese curds are available for you to share with the family.

The Kansas State Fair runs from September 7th—16th at the Kansas State Fairground in Hutchinson, KS. Tickets into the fair are $10 for adults (ages 13-60), $6 for seniors (ages 60+), $6 for children (ages 6-12), and free for children ages 5 and under. Visit www.kansasstatefair.com for more information and to view a daily schedule of events.


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