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How to Get Fresh Seafood in a Landlocked State

Because Kansas is a landlocked state, with oceans over 1,000 miles away, it can be difficult to get fresh seafood here. Despite this, Newport Grill manages to serve their guests fresh seafood that’s never been frozen or out of the water for over 24 hours.

If you were to book a direct flight to either coast, you'd still face at least four hours of travel time plus driving time to the ocean itself. This means that the fish Newport are serving were caught on the boat, brought ashore, cleaned, packaged and shipped in less than 20 hours. They also have fish coming from all over the globe, as far away as Hawaii and Scotland. So, once you factor in the 15-hour flight times from these locations, the logistics at play are truly amazing.

We asked Newport Grill Executive Chef, Kevin Derks, just how do they do it?

Ocean to Plate in 24 Hours or Less

“We call multiple purveyors every single day,” said Derks. “We get what's called ‘top of the boat’ which is the best quality, fresh, never frozen fish. It’s caught on the last day of fishing and it's the first catch off the boat. Within 24 hours, it’s here in Wichita.”

Newport Grill has fish flown in from all over the globe six days a week.

Derks went on to explain that while this is a great way to deliver a great product to Newport’s guests, there are some drawbacks. “We’re limited to whatever fish is in season. Certain fish only have certain seasons.” He cautions diners eating elsewhere, “If something is on the menu year-round, there’s a decent chance it’s not fresh.” He also warns seafood lovers around Wichita, “Catch of the day isn’t a regulated phrase. It doesn’t necessarily mean ‘fresh’ or that it was caught that day.”

Fresh seafood isn’t all that Newport offers. They’ve partnered with local farmers to source their produce and grains locally. Their liquor comes out of Kansas City, and they make sure to include a few local brews in their beer selection as well. “We want to use as many local people as we can.” said Derks

Newport Grill

Newport Grill

Experience the freshest seafood in Wichita. When you enter their warm and inviting dining room, you will feel as though you've been swept away to a seaside eatery. Experience the artistry of Executive Chef Kevin Derks, as you taste the freshest, and most satisfying fare available in Wichita such as their diver sea scallops, or Hawaiian ahi tuna.

If seafood isn't what you had in mind, they have many other dining options including their 14-ounce prime ribeye from Creekstone Farms, served bleu cheese croquettes with broccolini and au poivre, or their Yoder Pork Chop, with creamy polenta, caramelized apple, arugula, apple cider gastrique.


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