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East Vs. West: Which Cuisine Reigns Supreme?

Wichita is a city known for it’s good eats. We boast a staggering 1200 eateries in the area. A Wichitan could eat at a different establishment every day for three and half years and not eat at the same place twice. Have you ever wondered which side of town can lay claim to having the better eats? We asked and you answered with in our East or West: Which is your favorite blog and 70% of respondents came back saying east was best. We decided to take it a step further and compiled “best of” lists from the Wichita Eagle, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and the KRHA and the winner by a landslide was the East Side boasting 22 establishments that populated the various lists.

Now to be clear we have defined the borders as everything east of I-135 being the “East Side” with everything west of the river as “West Side” and the space in between is downtown which no one side lays claim to.

East Wichita

The east side of town boasted 22 eateries to grace these “best of” lists. Places Included:

West Wichita

The West Side held their own but ultimately was outnumbered by only having 11 establishments to make this complied "best of" list. The west sides ranks included:


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