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J.R. Koontz Flowers

Flowers, roses in particular, are one of the most common things associated with Valentine’s Day. These beautiful flowers are a symbol of love and are cherished by the recipients. If you’re looking for flowers to buy a loved one this Valentine’s Day, check out J.R. Koontz Flowers.

J.R. Koontz is a local floral shop that has been in business for over 38 years. They create beautiful bouquets and arrangements for all sorts of occasions. They do weddings, funerals, flowers for corsages and boutonnieres and everyday arrangements. J.R. Koontz has earned several prestigious awards for their exquisite designs and is considered one of the top florists in Kansas.  

Whether you are interested in the traditional roses or a more unique bouquet for Valentine’s Day, J.R. Koontz has something for everyone. They have flowers that suit every age from the most original to very trendy arrangements. J.R. Koontz also has plant arrangements that require little attention but still look beautiful on display.

In addition to beautiful flowers, J.R. Koontz has jewelry and Valentine’s décor and chocolate. Check out some pictures I took to see what they have.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day so make sure you order your flowers now! Visit the store to see everything they offer!

by Hannah Kern


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