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Wicked Brew Tour 2018

Wicked Brew Tour 2018

Mixing uppers and downers isn’t usually a great idea, but there is one exception to the rule you should consider if you are up for a uniquely Wichita experience.

The Wicked Brew Tour 2018 begins its third season this Friday, June 15.

Each summer, Visit Wichita procures a stellar list of coffee shops, specialty cafes and craft beer breweries in Wichita’s only specialty coffee and craft beer tour. It’s an exciting way to see new businesses and try new tasting experiences.

How It Works

1. Pick up a copy of the tour passport at any one of the 16 participating locations below. Full address information here.

Aero Plains Brewing

Augustino Brewing Company

Central Standard Brewing

Hopping Gnome Brewing Company

Limestone Beer Co.

Nortons Brewing Co.

River City Brewing Co.

Third Place Brewing

Wichita Brewing Co. & Pizzeria

Churn & Burn

Cocoa Dolce


Mead's Corner Coffeehouse

Reverie Roasters

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The Donut Whole

2. Purchase a coffee or beer and you receive one punch.

3. Turn in your completed tour card at Visit Wichita (515 S. Main St. Ste 115) for a limited edition t-shirt.

Don’t wait to start your tour! There will only be 1,500 t-shirts available, so it’s first-come, first-serve.

For those out-of-towners, you can mail in your completed passport and Visit Wichita will mail your t-shirt directly to you! They really have gone out of their way to make this event accommodating to everyone.


Vision for the Tour

The tour started out as an idea after I visited Columbus, Ohio, in the summer of 2015.

The Columbus Coffee Experience was in its first year of existence and I was able to complete the tour and earn a cool coffee t-shirt that I continue to wear today.

With all that is happening in Wichita’s coffee shop and brewery scene, it was a no-brainer to bring the idea to our visitor’s bureau, Visit Wichita. They took this idea and ran with it, making it one of the most anticipated events for locals to complete every summer.

The idea is not only for locals. In fact, the initial intention was for the locals to be the evangelists for the world around us.

Using the power of social media, could Wichitans attract people from outside our community to come and have fun touring some of our most treasured businesses?

How many times have you taken your out-of-town guests to a coffee shop or brewery as part of your typical “here’s Wichita” tour.

So whether you are into specialty coffee OR craft beer, the Wicked Brew Tour has something for you. Not only are you able to have some fun being active in our specialty business community, you are playing an important role in spreading the message about our unique community of businesses that attract more people to visit our community.

See you on the tour!


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