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Tips for Great Photos at Riverfest

Tips for Great Photos at Riverfest

Riverfest 2019 Photo & Video Contest

Tips for Success:

* Make sure your shots are in focus.
* Give us a wide shot. We want cropping options.
* Submit only shots from the festival. (May 31-June 8)
* Make sure subjects are clothed. (Shirts, too!)
* Avoid photos of people in fountains or on public artwork.
* Check for distracting elements in the background, such as full trash cans, that might draw attention from your subject.

What we are looking for:
* Photos and video that tell the story of Riverfest and its events.
* Sponsor representation (signs, logoed shirts and such), when appropriate.
* People wearing their buttons and having great time.
* A variety of viewpoints: a) your own artistic viewpoint AND different approaches such as close-ups, crowd shots and so on.
* Photos that capture the diversity of our events and attendees.

Other Notes:
* Pick up a contest lanyard at RSM Market (400 S. Commerce) or Wichita Festivals (444 E. William). Your lanyard does not give special access or allow backstage access. Wear your lanyard when shooting to identify you as a participant in the contest.
* Photo permission is granted by attendees when they enter the festival, but please be polite and unobtrusive. If an attendee asks you not to photograph them, please comply.


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